• Absolutely it can

    Disney is such a major intuition of American (and global) popular culture that it would remain a profile brand for that reason alone. It also has control of several other highly profitable brands (Pixar, Marvel, Star War) that should keep it well in the black for many years to come.

  • Disney can sustain success

    Yes of course Disney can sustain it's economic success. Many people are dedicated fans of the Disney brand .Also it appeals greatly to children the growing generation. They have everything from movies to theme parks to clothing. How can they not sustain economic success when they own all of these things.

  • Yes, they can.

    They just had one of the biggest children's movies of all time and admission is up at their parks. I think they will be around for a very long time. They keep up with what children today are interested in and they consistently put out a great product time and time again

  • Disney faltering to economy

    Disney cannot possible sustain it's economic success in this day and age. Between stiff competition and the economic downward spiral, I do not see it as possible. Granted their are the Disney die-hards and they will keep them above water, but all in all I don't see them soaring anytime soon.

  • Disneys Needs to Improve R & D!

    Disney will not succeed with the invention of social media, Youtube, Kickstarter, and other video based social media websites. Now days, people are able to make their own films that look capable of being on the big screen. Disney needs to come up with better technology to make their movies better viewing experience the lay public cannot reproduce. Also, Disney needs to come up with better entertainment ideas.

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