• Disney movies = no

    Disney movies a one way road to teaching kids the worst in life. They are well known for all our princess movies, but you wouldn't realise what they are teaching our children. Disney movies teach stereotypes, the princess is helpless in the tower and the brave knight has to go save her, this is a good reason to ban Disney movies because it is making girls think they can't do anything and they need a prince to help them and get them out of trouble. All of the main characters are either royal or very rich, this is also splits society into parts. The poor have to give the rich everything, and the rich put there feet up.

  • No more disney movies(yay!!!!!!!!!1)

    What was Walt Disney thinking! Disney movies=mushroom cloud. They are so cheesy with their cheesy animations. I am so mad when I read notyourbusiness's post. Frozen, P.U.! Elsa having so called "dark sorcery". Mistake for the duke of "Weasel town" to say that. Wreck it Ralph, putting himself in danger just for a medal. Aladdin, rescuing a princess with an emperor on his tail. Brave little toaster, almost getting smashed by a piston, Sleeping Beauty, dumb enough to eat a poison apple, Maleficent, I don't know exactly but I guess its really stupid, anyway. Toy Story, clinging onto a running car almost falling off.

    Disney movies aren't getting better, they're getting worse by the second.

  • No More Disney

    While there are powerful female characters, they are still portrayed as "princesses" and they always have to get rescued by a guy. Not only that, but there has been real evidence of sexual subliminal messaging. Also, all of the main characters are White (There seriously hasn't been a major black protagonist since Princess and the Frog) Thus, Disney is a thing of the past. And they'd better change their tune or they should get the boot.

  • Disney Deaths Stick with you a Lifetime!

    There was something wrong with Walt Disney (lost his mother. ). He always (& they still do) incorporate a death of parent or a single parent theme ( whether in cartoons or movies) in all we watched growing up.
    Someone always dies. . . Something is always depressing. . . . . And also with animals/pets. Go back and watch them. There isn't any reason to keep making movies with such sadness when mainly made for children. That doesn't teach children about life. It only teaches kids extreme sadness and it is cruel. It stays with you for the rest of your life and you never want to watch them again. All you learn to do is cry. They don't have to make them so depressing. Think Bambi, Old Yeller. They always have some dramatic thing happen and this is what we grew up with. Today they still have peril and death or drag it out and you are supposed to learn what? To be sad, Cry and be upset. That isn't good. Life on it's on will teach you those lessons someday. Kids don't need to learn that from watching a dumb Disney movie. Ask any kind-hearted adult and they will say the same thing, They need to re-think how to make them more appealing instead of so depressing. Life can be sad enough at times; Disney needs to focus on happiness.

  • Disney should be banned

    Disney lied to us by telling that the company is the first to create animated movies while disney is actually telling pure bullshit because max fleischer is the first animator and disney has a history for taking credit for things it did not invent,, it would be good for dinsey to learn not to lie

  • Yes Yes Yes

    Disney movies should be removed. They make girls think that one day they will become princesses. AT the moment there is NO way that is possible. And boys think they will become brave knights. It is the 21st century, not the 14th century! And the Mulan movie completely ruined the beauty of the story. I doubt that mu shu the dragon was real and Mulan 2 is not even true! And it has too much romance for young kids!
    Posted b

  • Disney is nice

    Disney has been running for many years and now you want to ban it.
    A lot of people like disney movies. So you are saying that you don't watch avengers, or star wars? All these movies are under disney. People won't like it as they really love disney i cannot tell why you dont like disney?

  • They are rly bad for kids

    These films should be banned and disney can go and kill themselves
    . . ....... . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. .

  • Subliminal messaging, and scenes.

    I love how some people feel that Disney doesn't have sexual content in their movies/shows. Yet it is well known and even PROVEN, that they incorporate subliminal messages,words, of SEX, or other sexual phrases. For instance in Aladdin. At one part you can hear faintly "good teenagers take off their clothes". I believe it is the part when he is in the tower/her room and the tiger has him cornered. Also in Lion King, at one point you can see the word SEX in the sky with the clouds. I mean anyone can do the research and see all of this for yourself. Yes I watched Disney movies as a kid(I am 27 now), and I feel that those movies played a role as to why I was very sexually curious at a young age, yet I had very good parents and family that did not have, or do anything sexual around me. Yea, the kids most likely will not realize it, but that is why it's called subliminal messaging. It is processed in their subconscious which can affect them in different ways. Yea the kids may have laughs and enjoy the movies, but I don't feel it helps them as hey get older with putting sexual stuff in their movies. Society is getting messed up enough as it is, and these generations coming up aren't what they used to be back in the 70's, 80's, etc. Something needs to be done, and if they won't be banned then any smart parent will just refuse to let their kid watch a Disney product. Simple as that. Like I said, do the research if you do not believe me.

  • Kill Disney Now!

    Disney movies should be removed. They make girls think that one day they will become princesses. AT the moment there is NO way that is possible. And boys think they will become brave knights. It is the 21st century, not the 14th century! And the Mulan movie completely ruined the beauty of the story. I doubt that mu shu the dragon was real and Mulan 2 is not even true! And it has too much romance for young kids!

  • Go ahead and try.

    There are plenty of strong female characters like Mulan, Pocahontas, and Merida. Girls would be too young to even think about sexist topics like making the girls look helpless, besides the movies are about the adventure. Frankly it is impossible to ban them because it violates freedom of expression. As for the social splits: Bambi, Peter Pan, Simba, Tarzan.

  • Disney is pretty good

    Why ban Disney? Disney hasn't even ever gotten over a single "R" rating. The movies are quite nice. Whether from Pirates of the Carribean to the great and powerful Lion King, Disney classic is especially good, and even in the modern days, its 1900-2013-modern Toy Story series is pretty good. There is no legit reason to ban Disney.

  • Why ban it?

    Disney movies are now popular culture and widespread among the world, generating billions and billions of dollars in profit; in which citizens benefit due to the Profit Tax.

    There are no reasons to ban Disney movies. They contain no violent, sexual or disturbing scenes, and they do not include propaganda or coarse language. They do not encourage illegal or immoral behaviour. On the contrary, they promote peace (Pocahontas), love (almost all Disney movies!), equality, freedom (Aladdin), responsibility (Lion King) and bravery(again, almost all Disney movies). They teach us to accept different cultures (Pocahontas, Tarzan), abiding to the principle of "Harmony in Diversity". They teach us not to judge people based on appearances (Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as well as to love our siblings (Frozen), and to never give up (Meet the Robinsons). They tell us of the importance of teamwork (Toy Story), conserving the environment (Spirited Away), and so much more. There's loyalty, friendship, etc.

    All in all, Disney movies are great entertainment with many good messages embedded into the content. There is no reason to ban them.

  • Disney movies aren't the princess movies in the 20th century now.

    The Disney movies are getting a lot better nowadays. Look at how they turned "Sleeping Beauty" into a "Maleficent" where the villain is the main character and her actions are actually explained, showing two sides of the coin. There are a lot of feminism in Disney movies recently. In fact, I would argue that Disney should equally focus more on the depth of male characters.

  • Disney is the best source of edutainment ever

    OK, now who in their right mind would want to ban Disney? First of, they're all adaptations of classic stories, folklore, fairy tales, plus they offer options for preteens and teens like Mean Girls and Parent Trap. So basically they are all G or max PG 13 movies, and they don't pose any psychological threat to underage kids.
    Girls get their perfect role models from the princesses and even from other girls. Mulan, Merida, Rapunzel and the Snow Princesses are all strong and self reliant, independent people and basically every Disney movie promotes confidence and anti-bullying.
    And the music is to-die-for. It's way better for kids than listening to pop-rock singles by artists with mature themes in mind.
    So if someone were to ban Disney movies, well, they'd be slaughtered.

  • Honestly where would we be with out Disney.

    Disney movies have shaped many lives and I know it has shaped mine groaning up . Watching Beauty and the Beast or Peter Pan and wanting that kind of adventure. Disney makes kids dream about these things . Disney also has something that most children books don't have which is a place for the children to go and see their favorite princess.

  • How is this even a debate? Disney movies rock.

    Coming from an American teenage girl, I can't even fathom why anyone would want Disney movies to be banned. They get me through hard times. Pretty much every little kid I know loves every Disney movie they've seen. All of you who think they should be banned should watch a few more of those movies. Disney has been here since the 1930's. Do you really want to stop these masterpieces from happening? I can't imagine it.

  • Disney is classic.

    Disney has been around for ages, and has been the light in people's lives. Everyone has a favorite disney movie whether it is the original snow white or the now popular Frozen. Why take away the joy in peoples' lives that DIsney provides. I was brought up a disney kid and I would never trade the experience!

  • No reason to

    There is no reason to ban Disney movies. Neither nipper or Hippo have any real argument. Nipper is just saying he/she doesn't like the Disney movies and that is no reason to ban them. And as for Hippo, the feminism in Disney movies is sometimes apparent in the princess movies, but like Zlehn says, Pocahontas, Mulan and Merida all are very strong females. You can't group all Disney movies into that couple of princess helpless movies. Also, it kinda violates the Bill of Rights, so.....

  • Disney should stay.

    Disney is happy, jolly and loveable and is perfect for children. For me, if I was ever sad as a kid I would put a Disney film on because it made me happier. For those saying it should be removed because it shows kids an unrealistic way of life, yes you are right, but most films nowadays, as well as the classic Star Wars and star treks, which I'm pretty sure you like, are unrealistic. It's called creativity. Movies are created for fun, for people to enjoy and to teach. Take away Disney movies, you are taking away a form of fun and a way of expressing creativity and imagination.

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