Disney on the rise: Is it a good use of money to stay in a Disney hotel on a Disney vacation?

  • Yes it is good use of money

    The fun that comes with Disney is extended by staying in a Disney hotel during Disney vacaton. In no way can it be termed as waste of money since one get the value of his money through entertainment and services that comes with Disney hotel. The services are of high standard, therefore staying in a Disney hotel is a good use of money.

  • Yes but only if you get the room in a package.

    When you are planning a Disney vacation it is important to buy a bundle from a travel agency or Disney itself. I have heard of bundles where the hotel is free depending on the number of days you book your trip for and the amount of people going. But if you are leaning towards getting airfare, rental car and lodging separately it would be like throwing money away to stay at a Disney resort.

  • Disney on the rise

    So many families go on vacations every year and to make a decision of where they will be staying while they are away from their own home. Disney hotel and a Disney vacation is a great way to spend time on an awesome vacation that the kids will never forget. Disney vacations are maninly for family and if you have small kids that is an extra plus.

  • Off brand are a better value.

    No, it is not a good use of money to stay in a Disney hotel on a Disney vacation, because there are so many other options. The off-brand hotels that are nearby offer more value for a lower price. While you can't go into the park early, you can have an entire suite for the price of one small room. It lets you spread out more.

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