Disney provides a positive role model for children

  • The majority of the time this channel is a good role model for kids.

    This channel has had shows that have more grown up concepts, take Girl Meets World for example, this show had the main character going through life and had more mature concepts that most children would not understand until they are older. In one episode the main characters dad attempted to give her "the talk" in front of the class. Sure the kids don't all know what was happening but some do. This show was discontinued due to Disney channel thinking that this was too much for the kids to be watching. On the other hand Disney has a lot of inspiring princesses and shows. In the Lion Guard they show that it is supposed to be a guard of lions but then he proves to his father that it does not have to be this way. I interpreted this as if it was discrimination against different races. Because they are different species. He is basically telling him that the different races (species) does not matter and that they can still be the best without being a lion.

  • For the most part yes.

    There are certain princesses that I laugh at because they are portrayed as useless and always needing a man to save them. Like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Not only is that unrealistic but demeaning towards females.

    However, Disney teaches children right from wrong and good from bad. It teaches morels and how to be respectful towards everyone, even to the people who are mean. It shows that just because you don't like someone, doesn't mean you can't talk to them out of respect and grace. Bell is an excellent role model for girls because it shows that beauty is not everything. Being a book worm and showing class is also beautiful. Disney also shows boys how to be a gentleman and how to treat a lady. Too often I see boys picking on girl because they like the girl but that's wrong. Disney shows that kindness and treating a lady with respect is the best way to earn her heart.

  • Simplifies life for children

    Disney provides positive role models to children as it teaches them very complex issues such as loss, love and loyalty through engaging story-lines. The simple plots help children to simplify the complexities of every day life into easy to understand 'goods' and 'bads'. Therefore this is an excellent way of teaching kids about scary things in life without terrifying them and while also helping them to understand morality.

  • They give children a bad concept of beauty

    Most Disney princesses are seen as beautiful, skinny girls that conquer one hardship to find their prince charming and live happily ever after. In real life this is not how true love is formed between couples. A relationship has many ups and downs, and young girls need to understand that prince charming is not going to appear at their doorstep and sweep them off their feet.

    Disney characters (both male and female) have body frames that are humanly impossible to emulate. When is the last time you saw a curvy princess? All of the princesses have tiny waists, a perfect bone structure, and really small feet!

    We wonder why more young girls are developing eating disorders and undergoing plastic surgery. They want to look like a princess. They grow up thinking they will never find their prince if they do not look like these Disney characters.

    The princes in Disney movies are shown as strong, masculine, protectors of all women. They never cry, express feelings, or accept the response.

  • Sorta, but not really

    I've seen this youtube video explaining all the bad things Disney has taught us, it was especially about the prince's teaching girls about how guys 'really are' which isn't exactly true for most guys. Then in more of the classic princess movies, than the newer ones the person was saying, that they are teaching everyone about where a girls place is and how she should act. I didn't see these things at first, and needed the youtube person to explain it to me, but still if you think about it thats pretty sad. You could find it on Youtube, its called "10 Terrible Lessons Disney Movies Shouldn't Be Teaching Kids"

  • Trust me dudes

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  • No they make kids expect that they will become orphans early in their life.

    No they make kids expect that they will become orphans. Or at least the mother is dead or missing, leaving the kid alone or replaced with an evil step mom.

    This leads me to my next point, step moms, many of them are nice people who are now with the kid's father, but how does Disney show them? As evil women who will try to have their step child murdered at whatever time is convenient for them. This makes being a new step mom hard... How can you find a convenient time to murder your step child if they are constantly on guard?

    Next comes the problem of consequences, every Disney movie ends all happy with the kid, teen, or royal person that your supposed to root for, (despite the fact that very few have shown any ability or basic understanding of how to rule) triumphing over the villain and some how never getting shot up, stabbed, crushed into a bloody pulp, ending the mission in failure, killing any bystanders, falling from a very high place, being taken from their one surviving parent by Social Services, being eaten alive by monsters or animals, taken out in a horrible way by their new subjects, or worse being shown up by a competent adult. (priorities aint I right)

    And for my final point they helped make toy story, a movie that makes kids paranoid that their toys are alive and watching them... Always. Even you, forty year old man reading this that "collects them." They are watching you, and every thing that you do... And yes you should be very ashamed of yourself for what you made 5 inch tall luke skywalker watch you do. VERY ASHAMED.

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