Disregard the last question: new version: are modern men wimps? (Look at pic above to show how wimpy men have become)

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Some of them, absolutely.

    I'm gonna take a guess that this question was probably posed by a woman, haha. But yes, the "modern man" is very much a wimp. There's a huge uprising if the beta male today. All of these wimpy modern men falling for the feminist agenda to make the male subservient and feminize him. Every one of these social justice warriors that are men, are wimps. I know the idea behind the picture is "if a man posts a sign like this, is he over compensating for the fact that he is actually a wimp?" and while I think those types of posts/signs are very stupid, usually the wimpy man won't post them honestly. It's more common to see a man post it who would actually follow through on it to some degree, I personally think. Are they wimps? Not exactly. Are they real men? Absolutely not. While there are lots of wimpy men around today, There's virtually no real men left. I feel like this may have also been kind of an underlying question with the question asked too.

  • Quite the opposite

    The real question is why are so many women wimps? Most of us are mentally conditioned to believe that women are weak. On average, men may be physically stronger than women but that does not make women weak. The thing is that many women are fighting for equality and there are many women who don't like the things that come with it. That means getting your hands dirty and fighting your own battles ladies. Those that say men are wimps are generally pathetic themselves and need to be sent to fight on the front line. Times are changing, and its about time that women, ironically, started to 'man up.'

  • No, need I say more?

    I do not believe that modern men have become wimpy for several reasons, firstly, wimpy is a relative term and meanings can vary from person to person, secondly, I am a male, and I will tend to lean towards this side because of that, thirdly, this question displays a generalization that all men should be masculine dudes who are buff and go to the gym to work out. I just don't agree with it morally either

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