• Distant starlight is false, God is true!

    Taken from. . . . . Taking Back Astronomy for the Lord

    The point here is to show that the objection itself is vacuous. The argument that distant starlight disproves the biblical account of creation and supports an old “big-bang” universe is based on faulty reasoning.

    First, Notice that the distant starlight argument is based on the fallacious assumptions of naturalism and uniformitarianism. It assumes that the light got here entirely by natural means, And traveled at a constant rate, Over a constant distance, With time also being constant. Of course, It is possible that God may indeed have used “natural means” to get the light here. It may also be that some of the things assumed to be constant in time (such as the speed of light) are indeed constant, But is there any logical reason why we would automatically know beforehand that these must be the case? Remember that God created the lights in the sky to give light upon the earth. This happened during the creation week where God was creating in a supernatural way.

    The evolutionist insists that if we cannot show a naturalistic mechanism for a particular event of the creation week (like distant starlight), Then the Bible cannot be trusted. This is an unrealistic “heads I win, Tails you lose” sort of argument. Since many of the events that happened during the creation week were supernatural in essence, It is irrational to demand a naturalistic explanation for them. It is ridiculous to argue that a supernatural explanation is wrong because it cannot be explained by natural causes. This would be circular reasoning. Now, It is perfectly fine to ask the question, “Did God use natural means to get the starlight from galaxies to earth? And if so, What is the mechanism? ” However, If no natural mechanism is apparent, This cannot be a legitimate criticism against supernatural creation anymore than a lack of a natural mechanism for Christ’s resurrection could invalidate that event.

  • Distant starlight is true because is has been detected with instruments that actually work. Someone is yet to prove god did something.

    ReyCola2 is pretending to know things he has no concept of. Nothing he has said makes any sense. Light reaches us naturally because it comes from galaxies full of stars which shine from thermal nuclear fusion. It is the most natural thing. You can't explain something with god if you don't understand it. A lot of the fallacies you are using YOU are committing. When people make arguments like this you are only hindering the advancement of man kind. Please stop trying to make humanity more delusional then it already is. It is this mind set that is making people support trump. Can we focus on something that actually is a problem? The atmosphere will become toxic in 300 years, And the process will be irreversible in only 10! Due to global warming. Lets focus on making solar energy cheaper and more efficient to harness, And prevent our nazi president from causing nuclear and race wars. Please? Can we just hold off on this stupid religion crap until we can afford to waste time on it?

  • I as a christian believe in distant starlight

    What people fail to realize is that the speed of light is not constant. It was much faster in the past. In the begging God said let their be light. Now I do not know how much time past since that statement and the first day but I believe light was muchers in the past and that the whole universe may be less than 10, 000 years old.

  • It isn't physically possible for light to do that

    If we assume that the photons from distant objects were placed mid-way between us and the object emitting the light in an artificial way, We have to assume that there is some constant "frame" of time. The assumption is that light behaves like a car traveling from point A to point B, And was created to be half-way in between.

    The reality is that time is relative, And the faster you go the more time around you dilates, But from your perspective everything would seem just fine. No matter how fast you go, Light will always be traveling at the same speed. Anything traveling at the speed of light will experience that distance instantly (not possible for massive particles, But just hear me out) This means that you can't produce a photon half way in between two objects unless one ( the distant object ) was aging much, Much faster, And we would witness distant objects forming and collapsing, As witnessed by distant supernovae. Because this is not the observation, Distant starlight must be naturally, Thus the universe is not only 6000 or so years old.

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