Distasteful comedy 'Dirty Grandpa' is filthy: Are modern television series going to far, in terms of disrespecting society's values?

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  • People Are Becoming Less Open Minded

    I don't personally believe that modern media is going too far in terms of society's sensibilities. 2015 taught the world that people can and will become offended over anything very quickly and with little reason, and we are in the midst of a reversion of free speech. College campuses are becoming zones where you can't have your own opinion for fear of being ostracized, and this is becoming more and more evident in other communities, as well. Social media commentary has to be worded very carefully for fear of starting a proverbial fire, having an opinion that is different from the mainstream means being bullied, and all this does is instill fear. We need to realize that there are things that some people will not find funny, and that is ok. There is a reason for the First Amendment, and free speech should not be trampled upon because a few people who can easily turn the channel to something else don't feel like it.

  • Dirty Grandpa demonstrates that dirty art is its own censor

    Dirty Grandpa is indeed a filthy show. It comes from a long line of risque and off color humor. It offends some people, but others enjoy that type of low brow humor. Freedom of expression is part of our artistic tradition. This is a TV show. If people don't like it, they are free to self censor and not watch the program.

  • Many comedies do take humor too far, but take comedy for what it is

    There is a problem with out society today in that everyone seems to be offended by every little comment made. People have such soft skin nowadays. There are many times comedies do indeed take comedy too far and do disrepect people however, people should take the comedy for what it is and leave it at that. I think that Dirty Grandpa doesn't cross that line.

  • Out of line with "society values" but does not go too far

    Dirty Grandpa, a film released in 2016, and many TV series have been criticised as distasteful but do they go too far? First there is not one societal value about good taste; about all that people can agree on is when something is really, really extreme. Anything less than extreme, and it remains a subjective question. More importantly, if TV studios continue to produce distasteful series, it is because audiences are watching them. We ultimately choose what is aired. If distasteful shows have good ratings, then we have to accept that we are receiving the shows we deserve.

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