Divergent makes $56 million opening weekend: Did you like the movie?

  • I really like the movie.

    If you've read the book (which I did a couple of years back), you would surely enjoy it. Actually, I had the feeling that I was the only one who can relate to it because when I was watching it in the cinema, I was the only one who kept on reacting on this and that. I even clapped at the ending. You would surely appreciate it if you read the book. A must-read!

  • Yes, Divergent made an absolutely stunning debut.

    Divergent was amazing. No amount of words can express how much I loved the movie. Yes, it may have a clichéd plot line, but it was an excellent adaptation of the books. I already have plans to buy when it comes out on Blu-ray, and I already own the book. Definitely an amazing film, and a job well done in my opinion.

  • I have not seen

    I have not yet seen the movie yet that is being discussed in this question. However, the movie in this question Divergent does look like a very good movie to see. The amount of money that has been given to this movie in a short amount time might show how good it is.

  • Rip off of Hunger Games.

    No, I did not like the movie Divergent, because it was clearly a rip off of the Hunger Games. Some exec saw how well the Hunger Games did, and they set out to make something like it. They came up with a futuristic world where of course, the heroine does not fit in and has to struggle. Divergent was not good.

  • Not a fan of the adaptation

    I have read bits of the book, but I was unimpressed by the movie adaptation. In my opinion, Divergent is just riding on the far, far superior coat tails of The Hunger Games and other recent young adult book adaptations. The story is uninspiring and the lead is worlds, universes even, from having talent similar to Jennifer Lawarence.

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