• Divergent is Better

    To be honest, I felt that the Hunger Games was just too unrealalistic. What are the odds that not ONE but TWO people would be chosen out of thousands to fight to death, and survive every year out of 24 people. I felt that Divergent was better written and had better character development. The Hunger Game's plot moved too slow for me.

  • Divergent divergent divergent

    The Hunger Games was great at first but no one really knew about it until it was announced that a movie would be made. To be honest it is a very good book based on a good story but there are so many like it is barely unique. Sure Divergent is also placed in the future but it is incredibly different than everything else. Also The Hunger Games is to aggressive considering it is supposed to be a children's book.

  • Divergent is better

    Both the hunger games and divergent are good books, but i was actually not able to put divergent down. The hunger games were good at first, but then i thought that throughout the middle and end, it lacked idea and it was boring. Divergent is now my fav book

  • Quality is consistent throughout

    The plot and character development is consistently good throughout all three books, whereas THG started off really well - the first book was just awesome beyond any words - and unfortunately worsened with each book ... Of course, it is still hard to choose between the two series, no doubt about that, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd choose Divergent. Divergent has given me much more of a sense of completeness while the ending of THG was just way too rushed, not well thought out, written as if for the sake of having to end.

  • Divergent for life

    It was so well written and in the book tris had a lot more feelings unlike katniss who's personality was stiff. It has happy moments and sad devastating moments in allegiant that make mockingjay pathetic in compare. The ending was not rushed like that of mockingjay, allegiant is summed up in 20 pages and mockingjay in one.

  • Divergent is better

    I loved both books and really enjoyed reading them but I found that I was more attached to the divergent books and just couldn't put it down. I just never really felt connected to the characters in the hunger games. Divergent was also one of those books that was really hard to guess what was happening next but the hunger games predictable

  • Divergent my baby

    The Hunger Games is too overrated. Yes, its a unique book but in a way it can get blasé. However Divergent just held me in from the start kind of like a magnet. Also Divergent in a sense gives you hope for the doomed future. Its less brash and not ALL about killing. It ever so happened to be corrupt in Tris's time but aren't all governments bound to? In the Hunger Games they're just living in hell basically and no one did the action to stop it. I might be bias but that's only my opinion.

  • Divergent For Sure

    Divergent is a better book overall. I felt like I was begging for something to happen while I was reading THG, but with Divergent, it was just one surprise after the other. I also felt that the plot was so much better. The characters in Divergent were so much more lovable and it had better development.

  • Divergent all the way!

    The hunger games was violent and disgusting. I perfer divergent. Even though i loved the hunger games ,at times i would just gag! Divergent was full of life and energy and i just loved it! Divergent all the way hunger games to the ground! Love love love this book, nothing compares to it!

  • Divergent is awesome

    Tris is a better character than Katniss. In Divergent, there's no crappy love triangle. The Hunger Games copied Battle Royale. Divergent is completely original. Tris knows what she wants. Katniss is an indecisive sociopath. There is so much more emotion and passion put into Divergent. The Hunger Games is a book where you pick it up and it's just awful. DIVERGENT FOR LIFE.

  • The Hunger Games trilogy is WAY better than Divergent trilogy

    Don't get me wrong I loved the Divergent trilogy. But it was always The Hunger Games trilogy for me. First is that it's just too unbelievable for people to choose their desired faction. Second is Panem versus the futuristic Chicago. Obviously way better since Panem is a country and I "love" the Capitol while in Divergent it's just Chicago. Third is the plot. In Insurgent there really wasn't a plot at all. Some are unbelievable (truth serums?) and there wasn't really anything new at all. I also love the Hunger Games trilogy since it has this "mysterious" effect. Finally the romance. Even though there wasn't a love triangle, the books focus on the romance stuff and it's just too tiring. In The Hunger Games Trilogy, Catching Fire > The Hunger Games > Mockingjay. Though I love Mockingjay since it's realistic for me (even with the technology stuff) but it's kind of disappointing since it's very anticlimactic, but I love how it all ends, that Katniss Everdeen killed President Alma Coin of District 13 rather than President Coriolanus Snow of the Capitol. I totally cried when Primrose Everdeen died. So all in all, The Hunger Games trilogy >>>>>>>> Divergent Trilogy.

  • Tough Choice but....

    I ADORE the Hunger Games. But i recently read Allegiant (third book in Divergent) and it made me cry and then it made me nauseous. Not many books can do that. The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Divergent are the only books ever to give me such strong emotions. YES FOR HUNGER GAMES! NO FOR DIVERGENT!

  • Hunger Games is THE BEST

    Divergent is really unrealistic to my opinion. Hunger Games was full of excitement and energy, nothing could compare to it! Divergent...A girl who takes this random test and soon it doesn't work and she's part of some kind of...Team? Hunger Games id more fun and exciting. Hunger Games, to my opinion, is lots better than Divergent! :)

  • Hunger games is way better

    Divergent seemed a little bland to me. Tris seemed "too perfect" and boring. Both divergent and insurgent reminded me of mockingjay- lots of fighting, technology, and no real plot until the end. Many very pointless deaths. I'll admit thg series had some too- but it wasnt 70% of the characters just randomly dying. Tobias also seemed too perfect to be believable. He seems tough but suddenly turns into the perfect caring boyfriend overnight. While the hugger games does have romance, much of it is fueled by katniss's desire to get back to her family. The divergent love story was very basic. They fell in love. How exciting.

  • HUnger games for the win!

    Divergent seemed too rushed and lacked in proper character devolpment. It seemed like the writer had alot of cool ideas and tried to rush to them. Some people say hunger games seems too unrealistic, but its more realistic then divergent. Hunger games had proper character devolpment that spreads within all 3 books, but in divergent it seems like character devolpment is rushed.

  • Hunger Games is better

    IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION LOL? I hate how people say that divergent is the new hunger games, just no. Divergent is so boring and i found my self hating Tobias. And neither book is realistic that's the point Sherlock. And plus tris is some annoying, katniss all the way.

  • Neither are good

    I personally do not prefer either and have never read either. Both seem childish and simplistic, and very unoriginal, and the central themes do not interest me. I know they interest teenagers, but I am not a teenager and so I'm not in the demograph these books would cater toward.

  • The Hunger Games All The Way!!!

    Honestly, I didn't intrigue me the way The Hunger Games did. I found Divergent's basic idea vague and unconvincing from the beginning and the factually incorrect sci-fi at the end ruined it for me.
    Now coming to The Hunger Games .. While the idea of dystopian society was scary and painful, I could somehow relate to this world. I belong to India where a large part of our history is history of British imperialism and I see a lot of young freedom fighters and their spirit in Katniss. Also, the striking differences between rich and poor, luxury & poverty, ignorants & victims seem so real, so familiar that it hurts, hurts very deep.
    I loved Katniss. I loved how Peeta's character is not a reflection of masculine hero and still so desirable for young girls. I would love to see more of Gale though. I wish Collins wrote a book or at least a chapter from his POV. However, more Gale or not, I love The Hunger Games series .. It will always be my favourite YA fantasy next to Harry Potter series.

  • They're both same but divergent better at the writing part.

    Since I interested and read them because of Battle Royale
    I can't think that one is better because they have different world,
    although divergent world is kind of nonsense, but it well written and I like Tris and 4. The hunger games is a one big story, just like choosing one guy than another despite all the things happen but it easy to read the hunger games plot since beginning, lie who is the heroine, who gonna die, I mean it's obvious
    but the divergent have awesome in building their character to be more related and their actually have good chance to take and they did it not just one dimensional hero/confusing teens or this/that guy loved me or complaining without knowing anything.
    So basically, divergent is more entertaining, event-ought the movie is rather boring

  • The Hunger Games is SO much better than Divergent.

    The Hunger Games begins with the message that family comes first. Katniss volunteers and practically risks her life to save her sister. While in Divergent, choosing your destiny goes before family, not as good of a message. The Hunger Games' characters are much more interesting and the writing of the Hunger Games series is much better than the Divergent series.

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I don't want to vote until I finish Allegiant.