• 'White men should never hold elected position in British Universities again.'

    When I read that article title, published in the Independent (a MSM website in the UK), how am I supposed to feel? When I read every MSM site using the word 'white as a pejorative', or higher education institutions banning white men from attending diversity events, or the next politician determining 'black culture' is an actual thing but treating 'white culture' to be synonymous with racism, how am I supposed to feel?

    It's not that it's perceived of threatening, it IS threatening.

  • Insecurity not due to diversity policies

    No, diversity policies are not only making white men feel threatened. First, diversity policies have little to do with white men. They are intended to diversify the populations of schools, workplaces and others. They give extra consideration to the process of evening out the playing field. Some white men may feel threatened. However, this is on them and their personal insecurities, not the policies.

  • No, Diversity Policies are not a threat to white men.

    In my opinion, white men have more than their fair share of confidence and in some case more than their fair share. Diversity Policies are meant to give a fair chance to all. While of course the people they are helping should have a positive feeling about them, everyone else should too. I do not think there is any negative in evening out the field.

  • We men are not threatened

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  • Diversity Politics make everyone threatened

    These shady type of politics are designed to tear apart the country no matter who you are. It is sad to see people actually believe those who are using these types of politics. Please think for yourself and think of your family as well as their future. It is important not to let these politics make decisions for you.

  • Who are they?

    Unfortunately, this question is without a subject so this will be a tough answer... If this is in regards to gun control, there are plenty of minority gun owners, second amendment supporters, who feel threatened that their guns will be taken away so to isolate this question to white men is without merit.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-01-06T19:38:59.623
*Sigh* Somebody pulls out the race and sex cards yet once again...