Dividing California: Should California be divided into two separate states?

  • Sure, lets split California

    I'm all in favor of splitting California up into two different states because I'm a Democrat.

    Right now, California gets two Senators. Both of these Senators figure to be Democrats far into the forseeable future. If California was split into two states then that would mean an additional two Senators would be added to Congress and both of these Senators would be Democrats far into the forseeable future.

    This is also the reason California would never be split into two states. There is NO possible way that Republicans would accept another two Democratic Senators being added to Congress. Even if the people of California wanted to split their state in half, such a measure would be fought tooth and nail by those who wish to keep the balance of power as it stands now.

  • Yes, California should be split.

    The U.S. flag would look better with 51 stars. In addition to that, it is unfair for the few rich citizens to carry on their backs the rest of their state just because they are ahead economically. Creating a second state would allow these citizens to expand their businesses and employ more workers and help the nation's economy.

  • I am from Bay area and I am more than happy to divide California into 3 states and equally divided by population

    I am for bay area, area, and software developer. I see that California has become unmanageable w.R.T allocation of resources, and it's managed by people who don't even know the issues. Any decision made by them affects the whole state, and for no reason. With 13-14 million population states, it can be managed in better for all the resources, and all the tax money, and it will be controlled by localized political place. I am more than 100 percent for this division. Hail northern California.Hail USA.

  • Urban vs rural

    People should be able to free themselves from an overly oppressive and poorly run government. It the majority of the people living in Eastern California want to separate themselves from the very urban Western portion of California, they should be able to do so. This is how West Virginia was formed, legally.

  • It doesn't represent the people as a whole

    After years of over taxation, regulation, and mono party politics the State of California and many of its 58 Counties have become ungovernable. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to seek a constitutional remedy to the abuse of powers.

  • Separate by Ideals

    Definitely pursue dividing the state into two or more independent states. The people in the coastal metropolitan area live in a world of their own, different than any area in the country. Let them be their own state and figure out how to sustain their practices. Allow the rest of the state grow their economy and infrastructure in the without the burden of the utopian, unrealistic ideas of the loony left coast.

  • Give people who live in the interior a chance

    Right now, people from the San Francisco Bay Area (where I live) and Greater Los Angeles run the state. They make sure that the economy works for them, while farmers, transportation workers and blue collar workers have no say and who's economy is being destroyed by the coastal elites governing the state. The solution is to split California in two, this way, the people on the coast can continue to govern themselves as they see fit, and the people in the interior can go in a different direction and govern themselves as they see fit. Whether California stays together or splits in two, nothing will change for those on the coast, but people on the interior will be given a chance.

  • Conservatives have no voice

    Anyone with a rational centrist or conservative viewpoint is shouted down by a cacophony of strident liberal anarchists in this state. Let's quarantine this disease into a manageable district that can shout at itself to its hearts content.

    Of course we would need to simultaneously have a discussion about annexing Rhode Island to avoid having to change our flag (I vote Connecticut, but I'm not married to it).

  • I'm Not From California, But I say Go For It

    As a citizen of Washington State I can relate to the arguments in favor of splitting California, there have been a couple efforts to split Washington along the Cascades, and for very similar reasons. California, and Washington, award electoral votes on a winner take all basis, and have both pretty consistently voted Democrat in Presidential elections since about 1988, their votes are controlled by the deeply liberal Democrat Bastions that are their port cities along west cost. In addition their representatives, and governors are for all practical purposes elected by those same cities, and population centers, while in both states the further inland you get the more republican you get. The result is that the voice of about half of both sates is drowned out by the large and extremely liberal cities along the west cost of the U.S., these citizens are almost left without elected officials that understand their way of life which is wholly different from the life of a voter living in Seattle, LA, San Fran, and Sacramento.

  • Needs to happen!

    Liberals are out of control out there! They need mental help and it is not fair for the Republicans to have to put up with them libtards! Liberals are violent people and should all be put in prison! Dividing the state is a must because of all the liberal violence!

  • Say no to California being spited up

    To all those democrats you should say no because this is a plan for republicans to get more electrical votes so they can win and ruin America. If you have a id that says California then you might have to change it. It will take more than 10 years to get everything settle. Also California is the 5th best economy in the WORLD. Do you already see what the republicans are doing they are blaming democrats for thing they did not do but they did. Like separating families and maybe giving some children away to human trafficking is a rumor I heard. They don't want to give citizenship to anyone some people want to become citizens but they can because it costs too much. It costs 10000 as I heard. They don't know this cause they are like it is easy to get citizenship anyone can do it but no they can't. WE are lucky because people our ancestors got citizenship they went through the trouble not us. So stop acting you know so much about the country because no one knows everything about America. And if they were they were the people who studied to get citizenship to America because they really wanted it. Also another reason is the popularity of California they really want to ruin that.

  • Y'all voting to split aren't actually Californians - read why it's ridiculous...

    3rd generation born and raised Californian here, I've driven through every nook and cranny from the top by Oregon to the border by Mexico, through the Eastern Sierras, along the coastline, from the highest elevations to sea level, from the desert to the ocean, etc. And I've lived 1/2 my life as a NorthernCalifornian & 1/2 as a SouthernCalifornian. To the people who write "I am software engineer. I live in Bay Area" - you are not actually a real Californian. To all the transplants who just moved here & vote to split it - I mean even in the last 10-20 years, you are not a true Californian. If you were, you would embrace this entire glorious state in its entirety. It's completely short-sighted and narrow-minded to move to one spot and declare that you want a little wall built around yourself in that spot & to make it your own state. That's so incredibly asinine. Let's talk about the tourism industry. Do y'all even have a CLUE how many people are projected to travel to "ALL-existing-California" from India, France, etc. ? Have YOU ever walked on a muddy desert floor, watched tumbleweeds roll through San Bernadino County, chilled in Palm Springs, ski'd to the tops of MammothLakes, Big Bear, Lake Tahoe, Bear Valley, been through the damp caverns of CalaverasCounty, been inside a gold mine in Placerville, hiked in Lake Tahoe in the summer and found yourself over a rushing river topped by snow, floated blissfully over LakeTahoe, fished at BlueLakeSprings, picked apples in Julian or near PollockPines, played golf & wine-tasted in Napa, listened to Dixieland/Trad jazz in Sacramento, stood near majestic redwood trees, seen a white horse resting in the shade of a brush oak in golden rolling hills of the BayArea, gone sledding near ShaverLake, seen city lights from hills above Fresno, bought fresh fruit and nuts in the San Joaquin valley, been to Solvang, went sailing in Santa Barbara, climbed Mt Shasta, hiked JushuaTree, seen MonoLake at sunrise, hiked through the Santa Cruz mountains, sat at a bonfire all night in Davenport, tripped out in Santa Cruz, found sanddollars on the empty monterey coast in pure white fog, been to art museums in LA, visited all the universities, eaten a taco in San Jose and San Diego, driven a duffy boat in Newport, eaten lunch atop a rock in BoulderCreek, snorkled on Catalina, been part of the high tech HISTORY in 'Silicon Valley', seen the strawberry stands & orchards disappear before your eyes, worked in the legal/biomedical industry in LaJolla DelMar? Is your relative buried in GoldenGateNationalCemetery SanBruno? If no, you're not qualified to vote for splitting. Absolutely ridiculous to split this beautiful, diverse, glorious state. Be grateful that you live here. Be grateful that the diversity of the ENTIRE state brings tourism & funds to this glorious state & enriches YOUR life. Don't waste everyone's time/money carving out your own little boundaries so you can feel special. You're not. This amazing state is.

  • Do not split california

    It is useless to try to split California into 3 states. It would not do any good for Californians. ESPECIALLY TO THE U>S ECONOMY. ONE part of California would most definitely be more powerful than an other part. Just cuz some people think that we should split it cuz we have to be free of blah blah DOESNT MEAN WE SPLIT IT. KEEP IT HOW IT IS FOR PETES SAKe

  • 100% against our beautiful California to be divided, lets stop them

    For YEARS Californian is be in seeking and why; we have choose the wrong People as Governor, Mayor, Senate, Congress, etc. They work for the ELITE, ILUMINATI . . . . NOT for US California Residence is, we are the paying Higher Taxes, Gasoline, Car Registration, and know with the Company TAX CUT wants to keep 50% and of course Companies will be moving OUT the CA STATE. Is that what we one? "LETs VOTE NO & LETs UNITED" THEY ARE BE IN DESTROYING OUR ECONOMY, THE SAME WAY WHERE IN OUR COUNTRY !!!! WE CAN NOT LET THEM!!!!. . . . . Peace in Earth and LOVE to Everyone AMEN

  • This would be devistating for the inland states economy

    There are many words i can use to describe this attempt stupid doesn't come close it's a plot be the Republican minority in the state to split off getting far more of the state then the smaller yet more powerful costal state if Californians like myself were somehow smoking so much weed and we're so drunk that we were blind and somehow voted for this it would fail rapidly with the inland states economy failing and San Diego demanding to join the costal state there would be protests and anger as many of my fellow Californians (Wich many of the people that support this aren't) do not support this

  • No Jefferson State

    California has been a great state and should never be devised in two, if it is devided then our state will be destroyed so In conclusion we shouldn't split the state in two because California is already great the way it is and if we do split we might as well attack Canada

  • Hi guys my name is sam

    Proponents of a ballot initiative aimed at splitting California into six states (or, more simply, one proponent: venture capitalist Tim Draper) may have collected enough signatures to put the initiative on the ballot. This is the beauty and the annoyance of California's initiative and referenda system. If you have enough cash, getting something on the ballot is relatively trivial, meaning that relatively trivial ideas -- like splitting California into six different states -- can be put up for a vote. (Happily, in this instance the federal government would have to sign off on the idea, which it will never do, because, come on.)

  • The boss has the answer

    Hi guys today we have me up and i will roast everyone who disagrees with me. By the way my name is Daniel Zimbitskyy and im answering for my little brother. We both are from the school WPCS and we have a debate too. So i vote california not to be divided because i vote for it and no matter what you guys say i still have the right answer and again im saying NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY, I WILL WIN THE DEBATE if you are not agree with me. But if you are on my side thumbs up and that is what I call cool. Just chill

  • What is the point

    It's total BS and I'm tired of everyone in southern California who are for it pretending that this move is anything more than Los Angeles and San Fransisco being so self-indulgent that they want to be their own state. We all know that this is the only reason, there's nothing else. I live in northern California and I know what the southerners think of us, they think we're all hippie potheads which isn't true. The presence is there, yeah, but not all of us are like that. I really agree withthis statement

  • Leave California How it is

    California should not be divided because it would look awkward. I love to live in a free country and state and i don't want any division in this state. If we divide California then How will we go to places that we need to. For an example if i was to go to whispering pines school (which is located in Plymouth) How will I get there if I were to live in lake Tahoe. The only way would be to cross the state and go to school. That sucksssss. I dont want to go to school by crossing a state

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