Divorce: Can divorces be beneficial for the children (yes), or are they always bad (no)?

  • Divorce is harmful

    Can make their children do divorcing in their marriage
    make their other family members in depression and by phycoloegists there are 3 or more time that their children could do divorce
    cam make in self dead or do violence things like bullying
    poor grades in schools or feel like th

  • I think that Divorces can be beneficial for children

    Well if the child is taken away from the problem then the child will be more likely to not smoke or drink or do something stupid. But the child could still blame it on him and take it the wrong way and that could lead to death or suicidal thoughts. But if they talk to somebody about it like I did and now I know that its not my fault. And I feel much better.

  • Divorces can most certainly benefit the children.

    There is an huge amount of children whom have parents that argue, put them in dangerous situations, etc., that need the two to split because it is affecting the child. In my case my father was a drug addict, he love me and my mom, but was addicted and was putting our lives in danger with his lifestyle. My mother divorced him and moved out. I could have been dead as a child, grown up to become like my father through monkey-see-monkey-do, or rejected everyone around me. But because of my mother divorcing my father it taught me what he was doing was wrong. I had a son, became a 1000x father than he ever was to me, went to college, and I am trying to become a police officer. I can say that without the divorce none of this would have ever been possible because I never would have learned anything. I wouldn't have learned how to manage a relationship with my wife either if they stayed. It depends on the situation, but divorces can be beneficial.

  • Divorce Can Be Beneficial

    While often it can be a very traumatic experience for children, divorce can sometimes be beneficial. If one of the parents is abusive toward the children or otherwise harmful to them, divorce is beneficial to the children. Also, if the parents are constantly fighting at home, divorce can alleviate that hostility.

  • Divorce-When a bad marriage outweights good upbringing.

    There are often studies cited about how children of divorced families are worse off than those of children in families with both families. However, where is the tipping point? When does a marriage become so bad and abusive that a child is better off with separated parents? This point may occur sooner than you think. Children raised in dysfunctional families where abuse occurs to the parent, child or both can be detrimental to everyone involved. When we see these extremes it is better for the parents to be responsible and raise the child in an amicable but separated environment.

  • Divorce is not beneficial to Children

    There are several negative effects shown by several studies;
    1.Children are more likely to smoke if their parents are divored.
    2.Children having divorced parents are more likely to be dependent on Ritalin.
    3.They also have poor maths and social skills
    4.They are more likely to be divorced.
    5.They also have a higher risk of divorce

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