• It's fine as long as they have a reason.

    As a child of divorced parents, I think I have a right to say. Yes, It can take a toll on the kids, But if it is cheating as in my father's case you slowly start to feel better once you know the truth. I grew up without my father, And you grow up quickly because you feel like you need to support your family, I am more responsible than I ever was. I do think it's somewhat on fair to grow up so fast but it's life. When people say, "think of the kids? Only one gender! They won't grow upright! " That's not true, My brother acts just like a boy. But what about the parents of the kids? That does take a toll but they do get over it. If they start fighting over and over again it's terrible on the kid. If they are both childfree I don't really mind, Because it's their choice. After all, It's the couple's choice.

  • Yes bcoz we can't live in a cage

    Ya of course divorce is good. If two people have no mutual understanding
    Better to b apart then being together and suffer silently in pain
    But in our India they show child as reason for not being apart.
    But u have to think of their future also at the same always y a women
    As to sacrifice her happiness I don't understand

  • Yes and No

    Now I'm going to imagine a family. A wife and a husband with 2 kids. Their average family and one day the wife wants a divorce. They have been arguing for months and they then decided to get a divorce. The effect this can have on the children, And maybe even on the parents, Is very devastating, But if they didn't divorce they probably would've worked it out. Now sometimes after marriage, You realize the your partner isn't right for you, And that's why I said yes, But I lean more towards no.

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