DNA database of criminals: Would DNA testing have an important impact in solving crimes?

  • We need a criminal DNA database.

    We need a criminal DNA database as soon as possible. This database would save many lives and solve
    many crimes and cold cases. Most
    criminals do not understand forensic science and inadvertently leave trace
    evidence behind at crime scenes. A
    national criminal DNA database would also help different agencies work together.

  • Yes, the more information the better

    DNA testing would have a great impact on solving crimes, and I think they already do. This type of testing helps to put away murderers and rapists. It may be the most important part of criminal investigations. It would be helpful to have a database for DNA so that criminals don't have to even be preset to get the cells needed to prove their guilt.

  • What if it fails?

    Yes, I agree, DNA databases would be good, but what if someone turned out to be falsely accused? Then they'd be in that database even though they didn't commit that crime. False accusation would be the flaw of that system, and even though there are many advantages of DNA databases, you have to think of the flaws of the infrastructure too.

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