DNC officials sought to hide details of Clinton's joint fundraising deals. Can Hillary Clinton be trusted to be President?

  • Yes, she can.

    Although not everything she says is true or trustworthy, and she may not be the best at keeping secrets, she does have a history of political experience and has taken the time to listen to what people tell her. She knows what the people want and is willing to give it to them.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton can be trusted to be president.

    Hillary Clinton has been Secretary of State, a New York State Senator, and the First Lady. She has had access to multiple state secrets and negotiations and has been trusted by two presidents. Certainly this puts her ahead of most candidates because she has already proven that she can be trusted with the most important burden of a President, the nation security of the United States of America.

  • Yes, she can be trusted to be president as well as most individuals who've been president.

    Yes, presidents are humans and all of them will hide some things. So long as she looks out for the best interest of our nation and our people, she can be trusted. In this particular case of fundraising deals, the DNC officials probably have more to do with it than Clinton herself.

  • DNC officials may have acted on their own.

    We may never know if Hillary Clinton asked the DNC officials to hide information about her fundraising efforts. What we do know is that Hillary Clinton can become the first female President of the United States and she has worked hard to reach the her current position. The world and the United States need Hillary Clinton to be President and she can be trusted to carry out her duties.

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