Do 24-hour TV cable news channels cover too much punditry, celebrity affairs, and sensationalism, and not enough real news?

  • Corporate delivered News for the masses has made the general public grow more ignorant by the day.

    Our news today is driven by 1) greed, rating matter and advertising = cash, 2) ideology, to feed the greed, news is delivered to masses in a way that comforts and message is delivered instead of reality. 3) The bored American mind. See anything about a celebrity.
    To feed the ideology, no real reporting is done, issues are sugar coated and feed to masses by actors playing host.
    Lost for us is the counter balances that comes from the ability to question those in charge, to question things that matter and do not make since.
    As corruption in our own government and power fighting continue to make a laughing stock of our democracy, the forth estate has left us high and dry.

  • Yes, news isn't news anymore.

    The culture of the United States is to be intrigued with celebrities rather than concerned about real things going on. Perhaps it is because a lot of people feel that they have no say over the important things so they feed instead on trivia, sensationalism, and the affairs of celebrities they hope to emulate.

  • Broadcast is Better

    Broadcast has a half hour in the evening to tell you what has happened so far today. I'm talking national news. You've got 24-hour news getting stories wrong, and constantly repeating stories like a cuckoo clock: every hour on the hour. Not that much stuff happens each day to merit news. There'll be 1 to 3 things a day that's somewhat sensational, and 24 hour news will pounce on it like wolves. Broadcast takes most of the day getting facts straight then publishing them in the evening.

  • It's all opinion, all the time

    Channels like MSNBC and FOX spend so much time on agenda-driven punditry. They rarely just report the news; there's always the annoying hum of constant commentary by pundits who try to push and agenda. This is most evident about MSNBC, where a group recently found that MOST of their reporting is in fact opinion-centered. The people at NBC have no shame. That is why their ratings are in the toilet. It's as if they think if they can say their opinion loud and often, it will become fact. Nonsense! They are nothing but propagandists; I don't watch much cable news anymore.

  • Lame stream media

    It is all just a way for different media tycoons to push their individual political agenda. All the major stations are owned by what... 4 people/families? One must learn to gather their own thoughts and then make the best educated decision you can with the facts (stress on facts) that you acquire. The news stations definitely stick on some of the dumbest stories possible if it means people will let their brains turn to oatmeal.

  • 24-hour news only focuses on a couple of issues throughout the day, blown out of proportion and not in depth.

    It is filled with punditry and sensationalism lacking in real substance. I believe they could fill 24 hours with real news with substance if they wanted. They would need to cover a variety of issues and topics like world news, art, sports, and entertainment. CNN doesn't even cover sports or entertainment anymore. They should really consider more highly of the American public or they will get tired and go somewhere else for news after a while.

  • No specific headline

    It's the real world that needs attention, government, society, education and how they advance the good of humanity's for the long term. It's about how history will remember our efforts. Anything that is not focused on this is a waste of people and societies time. Do the right thing!

  • I believe that cable news channels spend far too much time on punditry, celebrity news and sensationalism, which is evident after only an hour of viewing.

    One only has to watch cable news for an hour or so to be convinced that there is an abundance of sensationalism on our twenty-four hour networks. An inordinate amount of time is given over to empty-headed punditry, celebrity news and gossip, and other forms of drummed-up news. There are far more things going on in the world that could be covered instead.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • Anything that broadcasts 24 hours a day needs to fill that time with something, even trash.

    Broadcasters make their money primarily from the sale of advertising. They may also get some fees from cable companies. Regardless, they are in business to make a profit. Any broadcaster with 24 hour service is going to have hours that are not frequently watched. Therefore, to make money, the broadcaster can fill that time with sleaze in order to make money.

    Posted by: SixCristobal
  • Yes, I agree that 24 hour news channels cover too much celebrity news and punditry and not enough real news, because often important stories such as health news are put on the back burner while the latest Lindsay Lohan news is on first.

    I agree that 24 hour cable news channels focus on punditry and celebrities too much and do not show enough real news because most of the time, they talk about celebrity arrests, marriages, crimes and more, while leaving very little room for more important news such as national health news, warnings, Amber alerts and weather. Most of what we see is celebrity junk and it's annoying. The cable shows put these "celebrities" on a pedestal at the same time they are reporting their wrong doings. Isn't that odd? What happened to good, fun news with interesting stories?

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • I disagree that 24-hour cable TV news channels cover too many things, other than hard news, because there simply is not enough real news to fill the 24-hour cycle.

    Cable TV news channels that broadcast 24 hours a day have to cover things other than just news. Yes, it may be true that a lot of the things on these shows are fluff, but that is what is known as, "feeding the monster". It is necessary to do it, because there is not enough going on in the world to do all news, all the time.

    Posted by: glaciericons
  • I think that the 24-hour cable networks have a good mix of both celebrity news and real news issues.

    I think that news networks cover all of the headline news and world events adequately. I do believe that CNN and HLN have better coverage than other news channels like FOX. Although the stories are replayed over and over every half hour, the coverage is relevant to current issues. Breaking news coverage is always at the top of the list, so relevant information is relayed to the public as quick as possible.

    Posted by: UnsuitableRigoberto99
  • 24-hour TV cable news channels do not cover too much punditry, celebrity affairs, and sensationalism because they're just giving the people what they want to watch.

    There is enough real news on there too. 24-hour TV cable channels have 24 hours to fill every single day. It would not be any better to me if they showed images of famine and war. We need a mix of both, sensationalistic news as well as hardcore news.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • I disagree that TV cable news channels throw too much sensationalism and extra punditry since all the excesses still cover the current events and news.

    To be a 24-hour TV cable news station, you have to talk about the news; that's true. But there will be news cycles where there are less news. What's the station supposed to run for the next 24 hours? Make something up? It's in their best interest to draw people to watch the station; the way they draw these people is by discussing the issues (punditry) and having shows with celebrity focus and so on. If you were to take these things away, you'd be taking away viewers, which removes advertising, which removes money, which fires workers, which makes the station smaller...and so on, continuing the process again.

    Posted by: Asher Cummings
  • I do not think that the 24 -hour cable news is lacking in real news. Most of what is happening today in the news in sensational and much of it includes celebrities.

    It seems like anymore the sensational political atmosphere we are in involves celebrities. Wouldn't you call Huckabee a celebrity now? He has his own show and plays his bass guitar to an audience. He was sighted on the news for attending a conservative rally that many are saying is swaying our political scene. It is causing the two party system to become that is sensational and yet real news!!

    Posted by: C Bird

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