• Almost everyone cheats

    I think most people in general cheat, men and women. It seems like people are not suited to be with one person forever. It could be that we each have so many needs that one person can't possibly meet them all. Maybe one person meets your emotion needs, while another meets your physical needs. Either way, it seems pretty obvious to me that most men and women cheat on their partners, as almost every guy and girl I know has been cheated on

  • Yes, the majority of men cheat.

    I may be bitter, but I have been privy to many men cheating; Including one very special to me. I would hope I am wrong, but the times of my father are gone, and man thinks with his penis, instead of his brain. They see a pretty girl and old Henry pops up.

  • I know men who cheat.

    I know men who cheat and use useless excuses as to why they cheat. I am very lucky to have a man who doesn't cheat, and those types of men are hard to find. Most men follow their genitalia around and do not think of the consequences of their actions. Statistics show that men will more likely cheat than a women!

  • Yes, the Majority of Men Cheat.

    Even if studies and statistics did not show that most men, either married or in committed relationships, do cheat, experience does. Women cheat too, but it seems that men are more often excused for it, 'boys will be boys,' more often forgiven for it or allowed to get away with it and are more likely to do it again. This, 'I'm just a man,' mentality has been around forever with almost no evolution, and it only fosters more of the same from decade to decade.

  • Outside of a couple Pastors I've met. I would say about 80% of men I know cheat(ed), vs 20% of the women.

    My average, personally, however is 95% to zero (if not obvious I have never cheated...Then again I don't go looking either).
    Biologically, it's in men's best interest to get with as many women as possible. Too bad it's not biological for men to want to take care of all or any of his children, even if he had the means.
    I'm not saying all men don't care...I am saying that biologically, once that act is done...That is all that is needed.

  • Statistics, evidence, and preexisting biases.

    All supporting claims for this argument have been based off of personal experiences and are claiming that actual scientific studies are defunct simply because the experiences of a few individuals. Furthermore, the men that do cheat, along with a lot of other negative cases, are simply vocal minorities that give more silenced majorities a bad rap. You simply cannot judge the majority of a group by the actions of a few select, albeit prominent, individuals.

  • Infidelity Statistics - Are interesting

    Actually, it is about the same: Percent of Men who admit to committing infidelity in any relationship they've had is 57% versus Women 54%. Percent of married men who have strayed at least once during their married lies is 22%, women 14%. Percent of marriages where one or both spouses admit to infidelity, either physical or emotional is 41%.
    It was different 60 years ago in "The Kinsey Reports" Kinsey had men at 50% and women at 26% concerning extra-martial sex.
    So married women still cheat less; but, unmarried women are just as prone to cheating as a man.
    These number vary depending on what study you look at.
    Cheating amongst homosexual men is very high.
    According to a 1991 study of 900 homosexuals by Dr. Martin Dannecker, German
    "sexologist" who is a homosexual himself, 83% of the males living in "steady
    relationships" had numerous sexual encounters outside the partnership over a one-year
    A study of young Dutch homosexual men, published in the journal AIDS (May 2,
    2003 p1029-1038) by Dr. Maria Xiridou, gives yet another indication that homosexual
    men tend to not be monogamous, even when they are involved in long-term
    relationships. The Dutch study -- which focused on transmission of HIV -- found that
    men in homosexual relationships on average have eight partners a year outside those
    The number of lesbians that cheat is similar to hetersexual women, but there is not too much really published on lesbians, and they are not as open about talking about it. And, there are many lesbians in lesbian relationships that are bi who have sex with men. There are not many stats on that

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