Do a majority of people ignore the fact there are White Hat Hackers and Black Hat Hackers?

Asked by: frio937
  • Yes people ignore it because nobody knows what the f*** that even means

    Like seriously, what in the hell is the difference between a white hat hacker and a black hat hacker? This sounds like more political correctness bullsh*t where people divide each other based on the color of their hats apparently. There shouldnt be White hat hackers and black hat hackers though, there should only be AMERICAN hat hackers.

    Wait, what in the f*** is a hat hacker?

  • I hear people use Hacker like its a bad thing.

    It seems as society continues the definition of Hacker goes from someone who tinkers with pre-made code into some type of criminal mastermind. You know there are hackers that work to develop technology Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs were both Hackers(Not always the good kind). IT studies once tried to define Cracker as a hacker that had malicious intent while Hacker was to be used for someone who modified programs. Society seems to get emotional and jump to conclusions without doing any research on the topic.

  • Most Conversations Focus on the Difference

    It seems to me that rather than people ignoring it, people seem to focus on it. It seems that everything I read about hackers talks about white hat vs. Black hat. Some articles even go as far as simply obsessing over the difference between the two, adding in all kinds of dumb variations like "grey hat" or "red hat." Nobody talks about "white hat" vs. "black hat" fast food employees even though some are clearly good and some clearly bad. There are always people who will use their skills for good or for wrong. Hackers just need to get over themselves.

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THZX says2013-09-04T02:49:57.857
I don't who they are and what the want, but they have an awesome name. Just putting that out there.