Do a majority of the English curse words come from Norman and the Mediterranean languages (yes) or Anglo-Saxon (no)?

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  • Stupidity in our books

    The majority of the curse words are not Anglo-Saxon. Either they are Greek, maybe in one case Italian or Spanish, and the ones that are English came from the Normans.
    Here's a rundown
    "F--k" comes from the Greek-rooted word "copulate," but can also be French since the Greeks colonized Gaul
    "P--s" comes from the French word "pisser"
    "C--t" though disputed, comes from Greek, but also can be French
    "cr@p" has a majority of origins but one of them is Anglo-French (Norman)
    "C--k" (though not a curse, but a very harsh word) comes from French "coq"
    So no, whoever said that the curse words come from Germanic are high on drugs. This is more of that dumb bizarre nonsense. Lol Curse words that are English in origin usually come from the Normans. Cursing in England became a sport when the Normans came and bought those words.

    Only "s--t," "t-t" (and that can be disputed, depending on the origins of Iceland) are Germanic. But the majority of the English swear words are French in origin.

    Swearing in English only became an issue in mostly ANGLO-SAXON/Scots-Irish America.

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Adam2isback says2014-11-24T18:31:46.197
German, which indeed has roots in Germanic, only has one country which speaks its language that has the name in their country, and that's Austria, not Germany.