• Abortion is abuse

    Abortionists could not spend their working lives killing unborn human beings if they did not at least have some subconscious disdain,if not overt and profound hatred, for children and babies. Abortion is an act of brutality and cruelty against the unborn human being; it is bloody,violent, involving the tearing off of limbs and heads, the injection of poison cocktails into hearts or the forced premature labour of the mother which then, instead of immeadiately taking the premature baby to an incubator, leaves him or her in a kidney dish in the sluice with the bedpans full of urine, faeces and dishes of vomit and dirty dressings, to die alone, suffering horribly and in desperate need of the comfort and love of his or her mother.It is the ultimate act of dehumanisation and the ultimate form of child abuse. The only people who treat children worse are those who rape and torture them before they murder them. Abortion tortures the unborn child so the only crime the abortionist does not commit against the unborn is rape.

  • No abortionists do not hate children.

    Okay, first off, embryos and foetuses are not children. Children are fully functioning human infants than can survive outside of the womb by use of their own organs. Abortionists perform abortions because they feel empathy with the mothers who no longer wish to carry an embryo or a foetus. Abortionists understand that it is not their decision about whether or not a woman has an abortion or not. Abortionists support freedom for women and that women have a choice, they don't hate children.

  • They don't hate children

    They hate/aren't ready for responsibility. Although I am against abortions, I don't think that abortionists they hate children. I actually believe that a person who hates children would rather raise the child rather than abort the pregnancy. Life is just one big Catch-22, I can't explain them, but they can be found everywhere.

  • No, because we are as equally living as any other.

    So if the fetus was killing the mother from the start would this fetus be considered as a life or a parasite that should be eradicated?

    It's still a gray area in abortions but I accept Humane Abortions in cases such as Huntington's or let alone any deformation or missing organs on the fetus.

    Pro-Choice is a good thing, choice is what keeps people thinking for them selves, if woman are using abortions as a form of birth control why not teach them to have safer sex? Regulate and teach the younger generation of our time so that they may be able to make a choice that'll ultimately decide the fate of the unborn child.

    Whilst some people think it's cruel to abort fetuses that're still unborn but I think Choice is a Nature Given Right for us to express.

  • It's only their job. They're helping people!

    They're helping people who have been raped/had unplanned pregnancies... They're not helping the child by any means but it does not mean that they hate children. If someone doesn't want to have a child then someone has to help them.

    The children could have ended up neglected if they were unplanned therefore the abortionists are helping them

  • Abortionists do NOT hate children

    No one can completely fathom a certain person's situation at the time of their pregnancy. If they are not financially, emotionally, or medically stable enough to conceive, they should absolutely be able to receive an abortion. No one should have the authority to make such a life changing decision for someone else.

  • I heavily doubt it

    Abortions can happen for a lot of reasons. Thinking that they are, that either/or logic will make you look very dumb

    It brings a big moral question: Kill the baby or neglect/abuse them when they're born? Both are bad and both make great points to their side

    It'll keep being an issue

  • Absolutely not, but

    I absolutely do! That is the most convoluted line of thinking that has been presented on here and trust me, there has been some yahoos. Why would a doctor who just so happens to do abortion procedures hate children considering the are OBGYNS? Oh, for you lay people the are gynecologist, they delivery babies, derup. Why is it, I present to you drooling hoards, that babies are such precious commodities and every act of sex presents a miracle? Blech.

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