Do Abrahamic Faiths have filthy scriptures? The first five books of the bible and the qur'an promote slavery, torture and genocide.

Asked by: AndyHood
  • The scriptures disgust me

    I think that slavery, torture and genocide are all grossly immoral, have always been grossly immoral and will always be grossly immoral. It is a fact that the bible and qur'an command their readers to have slaves, torture people to death for minor offences (such as changing faith) and are staunchly pro-genocide (Yahweh/Allah even assist in genocide, if these scriptures are to be believed).

  • No they do not.

    Slavery is never actually suggested, supported, or otherwise condoned in a positive manner by Yaweh. Rights, liberties, and regulations are put on the human practice since humans were deadset on doing it anyway (much like how Israel wanted a king so there was a lot of regulations and rites about that too) and at no point is torture actually ever suggested as being the way to go.

    Genocide to prevent intercultural relations is indeed in the Bible however. That's bad. Don't do it.

  • Of course not!

    Now, I cannot speak for the Qur'an, but for the Bible I sure can! The Lord God condemns many things, with death punishments. Those who are convicted are justly tried and executed. About slavery, it (slavery) is never promoted in the Bible, the Israelites were slaves themselves! That does not mean, however, that slavery does not exist in the Bible. Even in the cases it does, it is almost always a servant or concubine rather than what we think of today as a slave (the slavery of African Americans in the South).

  • Not at all

    I can't speak for the Qur'an but I know for sure that the Bible does not promote and approve of these outrageous practices. They are mentioned in the Bible but never God says to enslave others and torture, and murder. It says the exact opposite, clearly you have never read the Bible in full and are able to comprehend the lessons and ministries it teaches. So because of this your argument is clearly invalid.

  • Let's go over the Definition, shall we?

    Promote: further the progress of (something, especially a cause, venture, or aim); support or actively encourage.
    "some regulation is still required to promote competition"
    synonyms: encourage, advocate, further, advance, assist, aid, help, contribute to, foster, nurture, develop, boost, stimulate, forward, work for

    Nowhere in the Bible does it encourage rape, slavery, or genocide. What it does is list a set of regulations around those certain subjects (except for Genocide). So, no. It doesn't promote these particular things. The goal of the Bible wasn't to reform society, but to reform Man's heart. Once you change man's heart you change society.

  • No the Bible does not.

    God does not believe in slavery, in fact he took his people,the Jews, out of slavery. So the Bible does not promote slavery. It hurts me really that you think God would promote slavery. Since, the Bible is about God and Jesus. In fact the Bible says the word is God. So no the Bible does not promote slavery.

  • Once again, out of context to prove a point

    The Bible has narrative aspect to it. And ancient people were cruel. They practised these things all across the ancient world. So, the Bible is going to have descriptions of these things happening.

    If you understand the Christian God, you'd know that from his point of view, all of mankind is worthy of burning in hell. But he chose to save Mankind by choosing some of us because of his love for us.

    So, the individual is less important than the whole. This is why it's wise to fear God. He reserves the right to take the lives of human beings, if he so chooses, for the greater good.

    Since God is existence; he’s charged with the longevity of all existence. God’s point of view is obviously different from that of an individual human. We exist within God, so since we've chosen to act like a virus, or cancer within the greater organism of the universe, we've given God the right to get rid of us, just like you want to get rid of cancer. So, even if Yahweh commands genocide of human beings… But the love of God is that the whole species not perish; he’s determined some of us are salvageable.

    This is why fear of the Lord is wise. Atheist are obviously far from grasping what God is. You’re trying to tell the force of all existence how it is. Not being able to perceive God enables such boldness, because you don’t believe he’s real. You’re also trying to tell the people who at least perceive the presence of spiritual things that spirituality doesn't exist. This why Atheist have such a hard sell.

    What’s really important? Cruelty that happened in the past? Or cruelty that’s happening in the world today?
    Mankind has always practice slavery, torture and genocide, even today. The world is more secular than ever, than it has been in all history. People still perpetrate these sins on each other, without any help from God.
    How often do we hear about human trafficking; sex slaves; child labour; ethnic cleansing… people are doing these things in the world you live in. And they are not doing it in the name of God. Yet you gripe about what the Bible describe people doing long ago . Ignoring the fact the whole message of the Bible is that human behaviour is the one of the problems with the world in the first place. The other is Satan.

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