• Yes, it is ridiculous.

    Most of the athletes in this country and even in this world are paid at really high prices that really should not be so high. They are cheaters even sometimes, and that should only mean that they should not get paid so much because they do not use their money wisely.

  • Actors and professional athletes receive too much money.

    When it comes down to it,actors and professional athletes do receive too much money.After all they are really nothing more than entertainers the same thing that many people are for a hobby.It's not as if they save lives or anything like that.They just do what many people like to do on a professional basis.

  • No, They earn enough money they don't need it to be decreased

    Athletes are part of the entertainment system and they work Very hard at what they do. Most of the "system" Makes lot of money, In fact millions of dollars just doing a 1-3 hour movie So why shouldn't athletes get paid the same for actually doing Something live in front of real people LIVE And sometimes, Longer than actual Movies. They should be paid more really...

  • They deserve it

    Athletes have to train every day rain or shine. They get no weekend break. Even on the off season the are staying in shape. Plus, they have to spend money on good insurance, good doctors, and good trainers. Plus the people are giving them money by buying tickets and other things.

  • The market supports it.

    No, actors and professional athletes do not receive too much money, because they are paid what the market will bear. If someone has to perform each day, with literally the entire world watching, it must be very stressful. That person should be compensated for having to live under a microscope for the entire world.

  • Actors and athletes are paid what the market will allow

    Top actors and athletes are notorious for the high salaries they command. It's easy to feel jealous or upset about this, but they are only paid as much as the market will bear. If an actor is popular and his name alone will guarantee a movie's success, there's nothing necessarily wrong with paying him a substantial portion of what the movie will make. The same goes for athletes; as long as they are helping their teams make a lot of money, it is only fair that they be paid well.

  • not at all

    No, I do not think that they make to much money at all, since they are bringing in a huge amount of people to watch all of these shows and games that they are the ones in. I think that the people are the ones that are giving them it.

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