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  • I have met lots of stupid people

    And some were 20-40 years old. And they were so freaking stupid I wanted to slap them so hard their great grandchildren would feel it.Namely democrats and people who never went to school. At a young age my parents told me that adults know best. But that statement has proven that age has nothing to do with intelligence at all.There ar3 fac3b00k u53rs tha7 7yp3 l1k3 7h15 and it annoys annoys the heck out of people.I don't know if they think it looks cool, or if they do not know better, (I think they don't know better and are deficient in spelling and grammar and I ain't no grammar nazi) but I rest my case

  • Nobody knows everything.

    The world is an almost inconceivably large and fascinating place - too large, sadly, for any individual human to truly understand. Adults are more likely than younger people to know a great deal, simply because they have had more time, but they are by no means omniscient and are themselves often misguided or misled into believing false information.

  • To a child, perhaps it seems so...

    Of course, no one can know everything as the human mind has limitations in terms of its cognitive capabilities and capacity for knowledge. And certainly, no one can be right all the time. But to children especially it must often seem that adults do know everything because of the difference in development, knowledge, experience, etc. I find this happens with the children that I know. A friend of mine has three kids and they are always astounded at the things I am able to deduce about them or that I find out about them before they can tell me (it is also funny how they think adults don't talk to each other). Now, I always explain how I did it because I don't want them to have any illusions, but I cannot say the same of most adults. And this doesn't include all the other knowledge I can impart to them, but they have an easier time understanding that that results from many more years of schooling and reading, rather than me being all knowing. Now, apparently, teenagers are another species altogether, but I wouldn't know about that; my parents think that teens are of the opinion that adults know nothing, but that is a stereotype, I would think.

  • No, they do not know necessarily everything.

    Adults seem like they know everything because of their many wise words and advice, but the truth is that they don't know everything. Adults' knowledge comes from experience, and it is highly unlikely that they have experienced everthing that the world has to offer. They seem like they know everything, but the truth is that they only know what they have been taught and what they have experienced. I myself have been in situations where I ask an adult a question and their response is "Hmmm, I'm not sure. I was never taught that."

    You have to remember that adults are people, and people cannot possibly know everything.

  • No Defiantly Not

    While this is subjective and varies among different persons', I strongly believe the question is to broad to give a definite answer. Though I'll try. Adults are experienced in a variety of life circumstances, though it doesn't necessarily equate to knowledge. Some adults make continual mistakes, without ever learning from the previous one. Further, many adults are ignorant, and are set to one notion, one belief, one world view. This is a testament of being narrow-minded, though this is primarily evident in older generations. While adults do generally tend to be wiser, and slightly more knowledgeable (than youth for instance), I claim this isn't always true. Thus, I have presented my simplified reasoning for my position.

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