Do adults who work with children regularly need to undergo government background checks?

  • Yes,they should get background checks.

    How do you know who or what the person who is handling your child has done. If they only pass one background check 30 years ago, its not good enough. I think a lot can happen in 10 years,never mind over a course of a decade. You need to know what they have gotten into and how they did it.

  • Yes, they do.

    When you have adults who work with children, it is important to be able to lie your trust on them from the get go. This is why it is important for adults who work with children regularly need to undergo government background checks. It keeps things more safe and lets parents worry less.

  • People working with children should have background checks.

    People that work with children should undergo background checks for things that involve children. For example, they should be screened for sex offenses or crimes involving children. This would help create a safer environment for the children that they work with and help keep them more protected than a one time screening.

  • Yes, children must be protected

    Children are a fragile demographic. They often lack the tools to discern what makes an adult placed in charge of their care, trustworthy or not. Therefore any adult who is to be working with them needs to, at the very least, have passed background checks to ensure the most minimal levels of safety. Too often adults who are allowed to work with children commit terrible acts of abuse on those in their care. This is unacceptable and measures like background checks must to be made to protect children from individuals like that.

  • yes they should

    Yes i think that they should, because you do not want someone working with kids if they have a past of being abusive, or having a problem with alcohol. They for sure need to make sure they are not convicted sex offenders, because they could be targeting these kids at work.

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