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  • Yes, politicians do not listen to ordinary people

    Lobbyists and PACs often replace the voice of the common people
    in modern American politics. Rich people who can buy advocates and commission advertising
    have a much larger say in legislation than grass roots folks with real problems
    to solve. Nothing in the United States
    Constitution supports lobbying, or legitimizes the vast industry dedicated to
    influencing lawmakers that has grown up in Washington and around the nation.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe advocacy groups do have too much influence over elected officials, but I feel the sway of corporations is even worse. America needs to get rid of the lobbyist and the government needs to stop selling disinformation. The people of this country know they are not being listened to.

  • Advocacy groups have too much influence over elected officials.

    Advocacy groups have too much influence over elected officials. Certain Advocacy groups have powerful resources, such as large amounts of money or a large amount of influence over a political faction or establishment. Certain advocacy groups achieve their goals of pressuring elected officials by bribery and corruption. Elected officials are sometimes offered money or political benefits if they adhere to an advocacy group's policy.

  • The party controls.

    No, I do not think that advocacy groups have too much influence over elected officials, because Boehner has more than proven that elected officials are bound by the party. Justin Amash did not follow Boehner like a lemming, and he was kicked off of his committees. Party leadership is no better than a union boss. They control, not advocacy groups.

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