Do affluent adults who wish to have children have a moral obligation to adopt children rather than to give birth

  • Reduction in rate of orphans and street children

    An affluent adult has all the ability to support a child. . Well look at most countries for examplethe african countries it is faced by an increasing number of street children and orphans hence with the prescence of the affluent adults this problem can be reduced to a greater rate as they are able to help those children in need rather than give birth to other children.

  • Both are morally right

    According to UNICEF, There are more than 153 million orphans around the world, And more everyday. An affluent adult has the option to both raise their own children or adopt one. There is nothing really wrong with adoption. First, The orphan may be abandoned due to abortion laws and rape, Or just that his/her's biological family cannot afford to raise him'her. If all the affluent population raise their own children, Their children will eventually grow up knowing that they will want to raise their own children. This cycle goes on and on. But if the affluent population adopt, Think! They will eventually decrease the number of orphaned children, And those orphan children will grow up to adopt other orphaned children. This is passed on from generation to another. If you REALLY want to have your own kids, That's totally fine too. If you can, Adopt a second child or teach that child to donate to orphanages or charities. Like this the world will eventually be better.

  • There is no moral obligation to raise other children but your own.

    If you want to reduce the rate of orphans and street children you must create a system in place that encourages healthy family traditions. A first world nation economy is linked with its people's capacity to think critically and plan for the future. It is because of this culture to prioritize or schedule for the long-term that people gain capital. This affluence does not appear in a vacuum. Time-tested methods to account for ones finances help not only the breadwinner of the family but also the future of their children and their children's children. African countries on average do not have the pressure to think ahead and often provided foreign aid or missionaries or educational funds to jumpstart them into the basics.

    The fact that other nations mostly third world nations experience high rates of orphans and street children is actually not a problem to fix. It is a byproduct of their own cultural upbringing. It may very well be something they do not see as a problem the way first world nations do. We could just be getting in the way of their expression of culture being seen as colonialists.

  • Not Obligated to.

    No, They are not obligated to. Forcing them to adopt can be seen as a breach of civil rights, Adoption is a CHOICE and always will be. In a perfect world this would work, But we are not in a perfect world, And people are small minded. . .

  • They won't be allowed

    This is a good idea in principle but in practice it is flawed! Even if all the wealthy people WERE to try and adopt they would be barred! Why? Because in countries like the USA, UK, Canada etc. . . . . They are VERY picky about who they let adopt. You have to be a "perfect" match. . . ……. It correct ethnicity, Religion, Politics and of course you also have to answer all the "awkward" questions you will be asked correctly or else you will fail. In addition you will have to have experience. . . . . . Which could be a bit of a problem if you don't have any kids of your own (how do you get experience? ) They will look at ANY reason to reject your adoption. . . …. Then they moan there are too many children in care! If adoption and fostering was made much easier (similar to how it is in developing countries though without the requirement that people were married) then I doubt you would have this issue in the first place. . . . There are MANY that want to adopt but only the few get the chance. . . Kind of sad really especially for the children who are left unloved. . . . .

  • This world will eventually be better by letting people make bad choices instead of trying to teach them into our culture.

    We are taught to be shameful of increasingly high orphans and street children. Yes there is a need to be ashamed but only because we have the economics and privileges passed down to us by learned and disciplined parents and adults. We have no moral obligation to take anymore children from other nations. These children were brought up in such a way that they have no shame when they are undisciplined. Trying to teach them using our own cultural expression deeply rooted in biological factors is about as effective as teaching chihuahuas to hunt wolves. They will be devoured from our high expectations. They will struggle in an economy that requires serious financial accountability. The best case scenario is that they never have children of their own. Unfortunately the realistic scenario is that they have lots of kids and demand welfare to pick up the slack that they were never expected to reach.

  • No no no

    We should focus on solving the root issues such as 1) Ending the war on abortion based on unknown sacred factors 2) Stop separating kids from their parents over gambling, Prostitution & harmless drugs. 3) Raise taxes on the rich, Close loopholes, In order to pay for more social programs. 4) Open more work opportunities for parents by ending hiring discrimination against ex-cons, Which would also make for better child support for single parents. 5) Lower the cost of adoption, Duh.

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