• Yes, they do.

    Affordable housing laws have to do with your socio-economic standing. How much money you make, how much money you have made, how many children you are raising, whether you are married etc. It matters not what ethnicity you are when it comes to affordable housing laws, and that's just great.

  • No, affordable housing laws don't treat everybody the same.

    I definitely do not think that affordable housing laws treat everybody the same. I think that there are a lot of ethnic and racial groups that get preferential treatment from other groups. I think that a reform is needed for such a program. Right now, the program is being politically influenced.

  • No, affordable housing laws do not treat all ethnic and racial groups equally.

    Affordable housing laws do not treat every ethnic and racial group equally. I believe this is because affordable housing laws are created based off of socioeconomic patterns and trends within communities. If, for example, community X has ethnic group A with a low income and ethnic group B with a high income, then affordable housing laws in community X will cater to ethnic group A by lowering housing costs. Thus, the law will treat ethnic group A more favorably in comparison to ethnic group B, by catering to one groups standards over another.

  • Affordable housing is questionable

    The affordable housing laws do not treat all people the same. Minorities get the benefit of the doubt and are treated better by the government officials. The policies are ment to help mostly minorities so it is just natural and par for the course for the government to treat some people better than others.

  • Minorities are treated differently

    No, I do not think that the affordable housing laws treat all ethnic and racial groups the same. Many minorities are checked further because of a stereo type of minorities not paying their bills on time. It should not be that way because there are successful and middle class minorities that are able to purchase and maintain homes.

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