Do African Americans make elite NFL quarterbacks?

  • Yes, they do

    Hall of Famer Warren Moon is an African-American. Russell Wilson is a Superbowl Champion and potentially a 2 time champion. They can be elite just like any other white quarterback. Jameis Winston coming through college may have a bright future in the NFL. Teddy Bridgewater of the Vikings had a solid rookie year on a terrible team without Adrian Peterson.

  • Yes!

    It has been proven many times over the years that African Americans make elite NFL quarterbacks. Taking a look back in the NFL football records, some of the best quarterbacks were African American. It would not be right to say that all African Americans make fantastic NFL quarterbacks, but it has been proven that most when accepted into the NFL and been awarded the position of Quarterback, do make fantastic quarterbacks.

  • African Americans as NFL quarterbacks

    African Americans do make elite NFL quarterbacks. I feel that has been proven many times. I do not feel that they are the only select group who has measured up to the same. There have been many who have been just as elite who do not fit the status of African Americans. This is why I believe this is not a good reason to single out one race per this topic.

  • Yes, they do!

    In past 10 years there has been great African American quarterbacks, such as Vince Young and Robert Griffin III. Vince Young received number ten in all time best college player of all time. Robert Griffin the III, has set records for Baylor, and improved Baylor's football program. There has been many white quarterbacks, but everyone will remember Vince Young, and Robert Griffin III.

  • Elite is a little strong!!

    Just something I noticed, what's the difference if its on a good note or bad note, don't group people by their skin tone man, its still racial profiling don't you think, and no I don't think they do, drew brees, tom brady, doug flutie, I mean they are good at the sport, but the man in control is the qb, and I think Caucasians have ruled that spot

  • Not yet, but it's coming

    Cunningham and Moon were very good but not elite, Culpepper was a dud that Moss made look good for a while, McNabb was a celebrated big game gagger. Those are some of the names we have so far. This is inevitable though, despite the Redskins best effort to ruin RG3's career his last game I think he'll reach that level. Newton possibly too. There will be a day that I am wrong for voting no on this, but it is not this day.

  • Misguided question to begin with

    One has to assume this question is referring to skin color, which in my opinion is, as it should be, irrelevant. What is perplexing, is so many who claim to be African American actually have European ethnicity in the blood, yet for whatever reason, they disavow that and cling to the African side. Even Russell Wilson has Native American ancestry. One the issue of skin color alone, darker skinned athletes are elite, except in the position of QB. Lighter skinned QB's tend to not make as many rash decisions, except the Russell Wilson is changing that. I agree with the post that what matters is one's leadership, the ability to stay level headed, the ability to make split second decisions, and the color of skin does not determine that at all.

  • Skin color does not matter

    I mean sure Randall Cunningham, Warren Moon, RGIII, and Cam Newton, are great QB's, but skin color doesn't matter, what matters most in a quarterback is the ability to make smart throws, and lead the team, I can name a few good white quarterbacks of the past decade, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, and Aaron Rodgers

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