Do African Americans present themselves true to their stereotypes

Asked by: ibraiyn
  • To start off I am not a racist

    When I say stereo types I mean all stereo types. Not just the stereo types that they are all criminals and take advantage of welfare. The point is im saying that the African American community presented themselves to the stereo types we know them as today, not the media, not the rumors but themselves. When you go to a black community do you see all the stereo type you usually know them as.

  • I Don't Believe So

    If you focus on stereotypes in general, many of them can be considered far-fetched or untrue. If you are referencing to crime, many media outlets focus on racial fights for views without regard for consequential action. Many African-Americans are clean-cut individuals who wouldn't commit crimes, but the media (again) often focuses on stereotypes for humor or shock. The African-Americans that I personally know are kind individuals who have high ethnic and moral values.

  • Stereotypes are dangerous.

    The media focuses on black vs. White, white vs. Black violence for the purpose of ratings. That is not to say these events do not occur, or the controversy surrounding them should not be addressed. But in view of actual statistics this is not reality, when it comes to crime and other social issues. Two minute snippets of information is not enough to see a whole picture, but is used to sway opinion. Just because a person of color wears is cap backwards does not mean he/she is a thug. Look around and see whites doing the same. Is there an assumption that they are thugs? The saggy pants style on people of color, we point out fingers with disapproval, but the white teen across the street is doing the same. Stereotyping causes tunnel vision that enables people to make judgments based on a premise they believe is true but, has no factual basis. Once we compare and contrast on what we are actually seeing stereotypes melt away.

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