• Humans have a right to equaliity.

    Some humans are born or live in poverty. They are unable to afford the basic necessities. Their status often causes them to be treated unfairly, because they are not economically equal to others in the country. Aid helps to eliminate this issue whether it be a government giving aid to it's people, or a nation helping out a poorer nation.

  • Aid and human rights go hand in hand.

    Yes, aid and human rights issues are really two complementary causes. With aid, human rights issues can be addressed and tackled. On the flip side, many aid organizations are out there addressing various human rights causes and concerns. The two work in tandem both sharing a common goal of making the world a better place.

  • not at all

    no, the thing about human rights is that they are things that you are born to already have. Any type of aid is just something that someone or a governmetn is giving to you so that they can help you out a little bit and that they can do some good.

  • Not at all

    Human rights are fundamental - they are endemic within civilization from birth, regardless of person or place. In contrast, aid is discretionary and almost totally dependent on the good will of other nations. All because a nation doesn't have friends does not mean that its people do not have rights.

  • No, aid and human rights do not go hand and hand.

    I do not believe that aid and human rights have anything to do with each other. While we believe that all humans should have the right to be able to live, it doesn't mean that we should support the idea that aid is a given. I think that while they do not have anything to do with each other, we should still help our fellow humanity as much as we can.

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