• Airline Pilots Get Enough Sleep

    Airline pilots have a very challenging job that includes irregular sleeping patterns. However, they do not work enough hours to be severely deprived of sleep. This problem has been confronted through their work schedules. If they are sleep deprived, it is their own fault. Although they are responsible for their own sleep, their lifestyle can contribute to such an issue.

  • Fatigue is dangerous

    If one member of a two-pilot crew falls asleep, even during a flight's generally uneventful cruise segment, what happens if the other pilot dozes off or suffers a heart attack or otherwise becomes incapacitated just before an emergency? Most passengers assume that pilots and co-pilots are awake and alert during every phase of flight. Generally, that's true. But not always. Some flight attendants say they have seen both members of a two-pilot crew snoozing as jetliners cruised on autopilot.

  • Depends on the airline.

    In many cases you can see pilots working straining work hours and transportation to and from the airport. This is especially the case for many regional airline pilots earning far less than the average wage especially for the qualifications that they hold. There have been many studies on this issue which proves that the issue of sleep deprived pilots is really quite serious. Avoid more tragedies similar to the Colgan Air crash at Buffalo and fight for the rights of pilots.

  • Pilots Are Human

    Who can function safely when it necessary to be woken at hours when your natural body functions are screaming to rest. Do that continuously & you are inviting disaster. Particularly when expecting a human being to articulate critical procedual criteria.Some airlines in the world already expect up to 100hrs monthly.

  • Not really I think airline pilots have a pretty demanding job......

    It can take a lot out of you, flying so many hours at a given time non stop without a break to rest. That being said I do think it can be relative to the pilot as well, some can be able to handle it ok and get the rest they need, others do not. So while I don't think pilots generally have the time to gain a decent is dependent on other factors as well.

  • No they do not.

    No, airline pilots don't get enough sleep, especially if they are doing flights over two hours. They should be well rested and in peace. If they do a five hour flight then afterwards they should get six hours of sleep. And all pilots should be looked at by a physician before they go to do any flights. They are responsible for many lives, the ones on the plane and the ones on the ground.

  • Unhealthy

    Like doctors, airline pilots are directly responsible for people's lives. As such, they should be at peak performace and get plenty of sleep, both on and off the plane. Stories abound about airline pilots falling asleep while piloting, making mistakes because of fatigue, and being forced to work unfair shifts resulting in exhaustion. Thsi should be regulated and enforced to ensure health and safety for pilot, crew, and passengers.

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