• Yes, airlines provide as much customer service as they can.

    On a plane, it is very difficult to provide customer service. They want to help the customers, but they also do not want to bother their customers. Also, there is very limited space on a plane. With these two things in mind, airlines do a good job in providing drinks and do so without being rude or interrupting. Also, when a passenger on the flight asks for something, flight attendants either get the passenger the needed item, or offer them the next best thing they can. In conclusion, airlines do whatever they can to provide needed items for their customers, and they do so in a way that is non-disruptive, so, they do provide quality customer service.

  • Airlines Provide Quality Service

    I frequently fly for work, and each time I do, the airlines have provided quality service. Some times, there are problems that are out of their control, such as frequent gate changes or weather delays. Despite these setbacks, they try their best to ensure customers arrive to their proper destinations.

  • Sometimes they do, but that's not the norm.

    Since air travel is becoming super expensive and super limited, the customer isn't always right. With fewer economical flight options and most flights stuffed to the gills, airlines can cancel flights, shuffle passengers around and provide little explanation. We flew to Orlando to go to Disney and our outgoing flight was cancelled without explanation. The airline told us we could get a flight out the next evening,which would cause us to miss almost 2 days of our trip. We weren't offered help with vouchers or anything else until I got on social media and not-so-politely slammed them.

  • Customer service is lacking.

    Airlines are some of the worst customer service people I have dealt with. Fortunately I do not fly much, but when I have I rarely find a good service representative. I know they have a stressful job, but many customers are also stressed. Maybe they don't like to fly,or they are running late, or maybe the reason they have to fly is because they are going to a funeral. We all have stressful situations. Airline employees should do everything they can to make the experience as pleasant as possible. It never hurts to treat everyone with kindness.

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