Do Albatrosses Experience a Deeper Love Than Most Humans Do?

Asked by: chestnutrules
  • Deeper and Longer Love

    Albatrosses are the romantics of the bird world. Their divorce rate is 0.1% while America's divorce rate is about 50%. About 18% of albatross chicks have a different father than the bird's mate, but way more humans cheat. Albatrosses are wandering birds and are romantic travelers. They raise their chicks together. They are committed (usually) and you can see the love when they gaze at each other. Some couples call each other "my albatross." It's a term of endearment and being more faithful than most humans. That why albatross are the lovers of the bird-and animal world.

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JMPepperP says2014-07-29T16:23:22.183
Define love in a clear and tangible manner and then I'll leave an answer
chestnutrules says2014-07-29T17:22:34.437
Love as in compassion, deep affection, and respect.