• God doesn't exist so your argument is invalid pozessed

    The "creator" is evolution, not God. Disproved. Anyways, the odds are that aliens do exist out there. Think about how many galaxies there are. Think of how many planets are in those galaxies. Think of how many planets are suitable for life. And remember, the universe is constantly expanding, so millions of planets are created each day. So, what are the odds that not one of those planets is capable of supporting life? Extremely low, that's what. The odds are, life exists out there. Life might exist on Mars (NASA experiment)!

  • You idiots who believe in God are pathetic.

    Has anyone ever actually SEEN "God"? You guys Jesus MIGHT have been a real person, but he was just a normal guy who strongly believed in God. Almost the ENTIRE Old Testament has been scientifically explained. Oh that reminds me, the 10 Plagues of Egypt. The last plague was that every first born son was to be killed. Does that really sound like God? Killing every INNOCENT first born son in a MASSIVE empire? There was probably 10,000 or more first born sons in Egypt. Religion is just what ancient people used to explain things they don't understand. For all we know "God" could be the Sun after a caveman walked out of his cave for the first time and hurt his eyes after looking AT&T for top long. Religion is all based on where you live/born and your family. Think about it. If you lived in Ancient Greece you'd be kissing a statue of Zeus's feet

  • Aliens are real.

    If you have ever seen Doctor Who then you would know that the galaxy is really, really big with a lot of planets and stars, so with all that space, we are the only ones out there? I don't think so. With all that space there has to be another race, not just human and things that live on this earth.

  • I think there are aliens

    I mean the universe is a really big place and no way we can be the only life forms on the whole universe. Maybe they're thinking the same thing right now, but they don't have the technology to travel to other galaxies, who knows. They could be like us you know, just born to a different galaxy.

  • Of course aliens exist!

    All ancient drawings are of aliens! They probably helped earth people advance quicker for their own reasons, their bigger plan for us. Who knew how to build the pyramids? No one on earth.....Hell, we still can't figure out how they were built! Of course aliens exist and I think they like us but we're probably letting them down "big-time"!

  • Sure I think so.

    There are lifeforms (us) in all the galaxies and bacteria exist so they could involve into aliens like us. If we can live, so can other life. Like, we have already found bacteria on mars with are probs that we have sent for the last couple of years. There is or will be aliens at some point.

  • Aliens do exist.

    It seems pretty likely. Obviously no one knows for sure, but I think there's a really good chance that there is life somewhere besides Earth. There are countless stars in just one galaxy, and there are billions of galaxies. If life happened here, why not somewhere else in this enormous universe?

  • Most Likely Yes.

    There are billions of galaxies out there full of planets and the universe is expanding. They could be living on any planet out there. Though there is no way to check all the planets we can assume they are there. The human race has limited technology so even if we saw aliens it would take a long time to get to the planet and they could be hostile.

  • There is Something Out there

    There is more to humans because there are many stars which can equal many galaxies which equals more than just the human race. WE have proof from our fellow friends and other people on national television stating facts that they have seen more than just humans in this world such as we call aliens or the unnatural.

  • Yes I agree.

    Who really thinks we're alone and the only ones lucky enough to have life on a planet out of all the rest of the galaxies , its common sense that we're not that lucky! 90 percent of the sightings on camera aren't photo shopped because most people don't know how to even do that. And the ancient artifacts and pictures aren't just art for the eye.

  • There are no such thing as aliens!

    If aliens were real, People would have found them and knew them by now. Aliens are completely fictional, And all of those supposed sightings of aliens are hoaxes or misidentified animals, Humans and/or non-human animals, And those so-called UFO or alien photographs are most likely also hoaxes, Being either Photoshoped, Blurred, Or just a misidentified native Earth animals mistaken for a fictional alien. I don't believe in aliens as there's no evidence of them.

  • There is no factual evidence of their exitance.

    If aliens existed, Surely there would be some sort of concrete evidence.
    There are a lot of strange people with big imaginations, As evidenced with Area 51. The ability to travel vast distances through space is impossible and people should stay off drugs to avoid seeing little green men and their flying saucers.

  • Not at all

    If for aliens we mean some sort of extraterrestrial intelligent beings, I think it's very unlikely we will find in space others civilisations than our own. Let's God (if any...) keep clear of this subject.
    Probably life, especially in its simplest expressions, is common in the universe, but it took approximately 4.5 billions years, since the beginning of our solar system, to see the dawn of an intelligent life.
    And that as result of an amazing set of unrepeatable circumstances (a series of mass extinctions, the presence of a single giant moon, plate tectonics, drastic climatic changes and so on).
    We are entitled to consider ourselves the lords of the universe. Let's go and grab it.

  • Aliens DON’T Exsist

    Have you ever seen an unicorn? How about an alien? If you say yes, you have a very active imagination. These things do NOT exsist. They are characters of fictional fairytales and fake movies. So I ask you, have you ever seen an alien? Prove it. You can’t because they are not real...

  • NO they don't

    No one had actually proved aliens even they always said they have seen one. Some people photoshop toys as UFOs and aliens for fun or for fame. Even scientists cannot prove the meaning of "aliens". Are they supposed to mean creatures from outer space? Or just life from outer space? Or even human from other places?

  • They don't exist!

    Believing in aliens is just another excuse of creation in religion, which is incredibly offensive to some people. Adding onto this fact, someone toss me some pure, concrete evidence about them existing. For those of you who are going to say Roswell and Area 51, that was a air balloon which had crashed that was meant to broadcast nuclear warnings during the cold war. Everyone knows how bad governments are about keeping secrets, so I'm glad they finally came about. However, the idea of abductions and implants are ridiculous. God loves each and every one of us, Christian or not, and he wouldn't put us into troubles that we can't handle, that is, if you accept him into your life.

  • It is for people who says that " there is no god "

    Actually, as long as we go to the past people where thinking that Everything is not by accident , They believed that there was something controlling this universe in which he showed his beauty in every aspect of the universe , how ever you said that " Religion is just what ancient people used to explain things they don't understand." But what we learn here in our religion is exactly the opposite We learn that we shouldn't leave things we don't know as they are and interpret them according to our religion, but our religion invites us to interpret everything and hopes for everything we don't know it's secret

  • No evidence; No logic.

    If I told you that you needed to have your leg amputated because it had a very rare disease that nobody has ever seen or heard of, and there is no evidence that you have it either, but we believe it's there. Would you let me cut off your leg? Based on zero evidence? Just my belief?

  • Aliens obviously DON'T exist.

    What I think is aliens don't exist. We NEVER have got any PROPER or SENSIBLE evidences prooving the existance of aliens. All these photos and videos found on the social media are photoshopped, editted, and animated.

    Thus, what we can assume by these is that aliens do not exist. BYE

  • Aliens obviously do not exist.

    By my opinion, Aliens simply don't exist, as, there isn't any PROPER evidence prooving the existance of aliens. All these photos and videos found on all king of social media sites are purely FAKE.

    I, a 13 year old, easily spotted 3-4 mistakes in a photo that I got on whatsapp saying 'Aliens do exist' I myself used to tell some lie to say aliens do exist before I was struck with a fit of common sense.

    Day after tomorrow I am going for a debate on this same topic.

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Anonymous says2013-04-05T18:10:12.157
I think aliens arent real..There is no proof of this..I know we arent the only ones in this galaxy..But it doesnt mean they are aliens..Most people claim they have seen aliens, but its proboly fake. It could be anything..Plus how would aliens have that kind of technology..To come millions of miles to get to here?? Yeah there is no way..
Anonymous says2013-08-07T18:01:32.690
When people think of aliens, we tend to think of the common grey alien from science fiction. Most people believe that aliens would be super intelligent and have light speed spacecraft, and many other high tech things. But maybe there is another race, maybe even not that far away from us, that were like us in ancient times. Maybe they haven't even invented the wheel, or made fire yet. But if there was a high tech race near us, what would happen to us? Would they attack us? When people think of aliens they think all aliens are NOTHING like our own people. But an alien race would be just like us. There would be good people, there would be murderers and terrorists, there would probably be separate nations of aliens. Which alien nation would side with a human nation? What would happen to the human nations that didn't accept the friendly aliens? Aliens would seriously mess up our entire way of life, friendly or unfriendly.
karen9502 says2015-03-05T21:31:05.487
What if aliens visit aliens...
freakdom says2015-10-18T15:18:55.040
When one starts to understand how insanely big and old this universe is, believing that we are the only ones becomes difficult.
ToxicNeon says2016-11-29T18:02:31.183
Just because we haven't found life DOES NOT MEAN IT DOESN'T EXIST
DickWeasle says2017-02-23T06:56:14.120
Anyone else LOVING the irony that all the religious types are arguing that aliens clearly don't exist because there's no evidence?

Pay attention atheists, this is what you sound like all the time. And this is why most people find you guys to be insufferable morons.

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