• Why should the punishment be equal

    If we begin to exclude crimes then why is murder punishable? We cannot rightfully leave out crimes for any reasons. However we should be more concerned with rehabilitation of ex-criminals. Why is it okay for me to steal food yet not him. You can murder but he cannot. Objective reasoning shows what a world would be like without punishment.



  • Yup yup yup its true

    Yup its totally true as a criminal means criminal wheather the crime is small or big and punishment helps the person to improve a lot and fell the mistake. Due to strict law many people who do crime also be scared which gives advantage to the people of that county

  • Yes, It is a crime

    All crimes should be punished — within reason, Of course. This would be my ideal punishment system. For petty crimes, Like petty theft, Minor shoplifting you should pay damages + 50% extra plus do community service and for littering you should be fined £20 for every piece of litter you drop and have to pick litter for a week. For speeding you should have to pay up to £3000 fine and if you do it again 2 years in prison and for drink/drug driving 2-5 years in prison. For tax evasion and tax fraud pay twice the money back or 2-5 years in prison and for corruption pay the money back +5% extra and 10 years imprisonment or life imprisonment or death if you do it again. For armed robbery/robbery pay back damages +15% and 5-10 years imprisonment or death if you do it again. For rape and kidnap pay £3, 000 back in compensation + no less than 20 years in prison and if you do it again life without parole or death penalty. For murder/attempted murder death and for Espionage/Treason pay £3, 000 and no less than 20 years in prison do it again life sentence. Terrorism mandatory death sentence and for drug trafficking no less than 20 years in prison and if they do it again then life in prison or death penalty.

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  • Yes they should be punished

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  • It might be one of the ways to stop crime

    If people know that they will get punished, the people will try not to cause crime because they will be threaten by the punishments and also if they get punished, they will never ever try to do a other crime again because they are now threaten of the punishments they had.

  • Yes all crimes should be punished

    They knew what they were doing was wrong and they still did it anyway so they should get punished, it doesn't matter if it is a small punishment or a big punishment at least some type of consequence so they can reflect on their decisions that they made to get them where they are.

  • Yes they do

    Yes, I do think that all crimes need to be punished, but I also think that crimes that are not all that bad do not need to have a very strict punishment. I feel like the amount of punishment should depend on how bad the committed crime actually was and who was affected.

  • Yes, but not to the same extent.

    All criminal activity needs to be noticed and given some sort of punishment, but sometimes that can be a fine or a community service activity. There is no need to have all crimes and all criminals be punished in the same manner because this does not take into account things like age, situation, or extent of the crime.

  • Lol no ok

    All crimes should not be punished because punishment does not work on crimes ok and no I think that all crimes should not be punished ok there are better ways to punish all crimes ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is no ok good bye

  • No, This is because. . .

    Some offenders have mental health issues or a rough past, Therefore they should be sent to rehabilitation rather than prison. But that rule should work to some extent, For example murder should be punished really harshly even if the offender has a mental health issue or is still a minor. Murder is murder no matter who does it. A crime should also be punished based on a situation, Like a single parent with children who is struggling financially, Steals some money to buy food, That shouldn't be punished, The parent instead should be helped. However if the person stealing is financially stable and is stealing large amounts of money, The crime should be punished reasonably; the person stealing should give back ALL the money and spend a month or more in prison, Depending on the seriousness of the crime.

  • No, punishment does not work.

    If punishment worked there would be no crime by now. What's more, in reality, the vast majority of crimes go un-noticed by thew public, yet the person who may have committed it changes by their own volition. Many addicts change without police intervention, yet they have committed crime.

    There are also many abusive crimes that go past the criminal justice system that are sorted out and rectified by the two parties involved.
    I think society thinks about this subject way too much in absolutes, there is no room to a gray area, it's only good and bad, righteous or condemned.

  • No criminal should not punish because no one is born as a criminal.

    Criminal should not been punished because we are no one to punish anyone there is good who will punish criminals not innocent and we should give them a chance to turn back into a good human being and if we can't give them that chance but can give some job so that his family member could survive instead of becoming criminal.

  • Yes all crimes should be punished

    Regardless of whether the crime is small or big, the one commiting it should be punished as one should learn from his mistakes. If he/she is left freely after commiting a crime, without being questioned or punished, then he/ she will never realise that he/she has committed something big and may end up doing the same thing later again. But still the punishment should be according to the limit of the crime. A petty crime like theft cannot expect a harsh punishment like years of imprisonment. This was just an example. The criminal should be punished so that he/she will never repeat their crimes again.

  • It shouldn't be a crime if there is no visible victim

    People like to link things like drugs to murder, rather than keep it to the simple fact that people kill people. People say things like drug smuggling leads to lives being lost to overdoses, therefore those selling the drugs are murderers. The fact is that it is up to the individual to make smart choices. Drug smuggling shouldn't be a crime, drugs should be legal. This is one example of the many crimes that should not be punished.

  • They Could Also Do Rehabilitation

    Some people might consider that punishment too. We like to say people who abuse drugs are criminals. They are only criminals if they commit a criminal act. They should not be considered criminals if they do not commit a criminal act, but just have a problem with drugs. Send them to some type of rehabilitation program and not prison.

  • No, because some crimes aren't even crimes.

    We all define crimes as something entirely different. We all socially construct our own opinions of what a crime is, and what it takes for an act to be labeled crimes. Some crimes are so minor, like repeated tickets, that I wonder why we aren't putting that time into crimes that everyone can agree on like murder.

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