• They deserve rights

    ALL living things deserve rights. If humans can have them then why can't animals? All we are doing is being cruel to these animals by cross breeding and even worse making them glow in the dark! Seriously? You might think that we should make all animals glow in the dark. But that is only because you are selfish and you don't care what the animals would have to say if they could talk. If it's for human advantage then why are we using animals?? Because we are SELFISH PEOPLE all we want is amusement. If you still aren't convinced then take a step back and see that you too are SELFISH!!

  • They are granted with them

    Every living creature on this earth is granted with the ability of self-preservation. This is proof enough that they are existing on this Earth to survive, and that is proof that they are born with the natural right to live and be free, just like the rights that human beings have designated upon themselves.

  • All Living Things Deserve Rights

    Yes, all living things deserve rights. Every living thing has the capacity to suffer, so far as we know. Also, every living thing has the right to keep on existing, and those living things also have the right to not suffer needlessly. Therefore, all living things deserve and have rights.

  • Yes to an extent.

    All animals and creatures deserve a certain amount of rights and standard of living we should not interfere with. However, there are so many things on this earth that are considered alive like bacteria and viruses that do not necessarily deserve rights or really need them in that case. It comes down to how alive they are.

  • All Living Things Deserve Equal Rights!

    The only difference between humans and other living things is the human dysfunctional mind. Animals and birds have feelings, they can love. Plants also have feelings, love and energy. Each living thing has consciousness, even rocks.
    Humans are insane and are torturing and killing all other life forms and the earth.

  • Yes, it does.

    We are animals. If we defy nature and give ourselves and over inflated ego of being the "top of the food chain", we are only being delusional to the fact that we are no different to any other animal aside from our great ability to think on deeper levels. This should be self evident that we have a great responsibility to uphold to preserve mother nature and all her creations. We must respect the order that Nature has placed. Killing another animal is only justified when necessary to live (sustenance), but mercilessly and without empathy for fellow animal or earth we are only cancer to the universe.

  • I'll go with Yes on this one.

    We may disagree on what those rights should be, but everyone pretty much agrees that humans have rights. So what about other forms of life?

    Wildlife extinction and deforestation are serious problems in much of the world. By extending rights to plants and animals (again we'll have to decide on exactly what those rights will be), we could give them legal value and representation. It would mean a whole new level of empowerment for environmental lawyers.

    Another important arena of life is agriculture. If weeds and insects had rights then there would be legal push back against the chemicals produced by companies like Monsanto. Organic farming would then have support beyond consumers.

    Directly related to that is the patent law as it relates to genetic engineering. Right now, legally speaking, nonhuman life is nothing more than "self replicating technology". If we give life rights, then it can be legislated independent of computers. As the lines between humans and computers becomes blurred, this question becomes more and more relevant.

  • Yes, they do.

    No matter how small or little the living thing is it deserves a chance at life. We all have rights, and just because we may not understand all forms of life, does not mean they should not be able to have those same rights. The rights they get just might differ a little from other species.

  • Every living thing have their life!

    They all have their life, Think, Love and care for each other. They deserve
    living right. God made us for some reason. Whether the kill or not, Whether their good or bad they deserve right. Lincoin told us that everyone have their own place on Earth. This is why deserve rights to
    live peacefully.

  • Yessssssssssssssssss. Babyyyyyyy. We are right......

    Anything that has been born shall deserve the right to live. It is not fair that humans get all the rights and animals get none. We as humans need to respect mother nature and all of her children. We need to treat everyone and anything with respect. If we have rights so should they, and if they don't have rights then where is humanity?

  • There is no such thing as rights

    Rights were made up by humans. They are not a part of nature and should not interfere with natural living. The way Mother Nature intended us to live was to live like the animals. They wanted us to live in the wilderness, mark territory, breed and hunt with our bare hands. Instead, we decided to ruin the course of nature. So the least you can do is treat Mother Nature with respect and give all living things the treatment that was intended.

  • No, they cannot communicate.

    No, all living things do not deserve rights, but they should be respected. There is not a point to giving a plant a right to remain silent, because the plant will always take advantage of that right. We should respect nature, but that does not mean that nature should have dominion over the earth.

  • Non-Humans Deserve Limited Rights

    Not all living things deserve rights in this day and age. For instance, we can't give rights to fish or insects. We shouldn't destroy species of animals, but we can't give them full-fledged rights because doing so makes no sense. There's a limit to the "rights" that animals deserve today.

  • All living things do not deserve rights.

    Not all living things deserve rights. Diseases and dangerous animals do not deserve to be protected. It is right for humans to exterminate dangerous diseases and to kill animals that threaten us. Human rights do not transfer to other species that are clearly different from us. Even animals have fewer rights than people.

  • I do not support equality of animals.

    There is a hierarchy in nature, we as humans outperform animals, and therefore we have built civilizations, culture, monuments, nations, etc. So we should give them rights because they're inferior to us? They should be exploited, not given rights. I like benefits of animal testing and tasty meat, I do not believe we should give up our luxuries for the sake of equality.

  • Animals have no rights until they say so.

    Until animals enunciate their rights, they have none. I feel that man has the responsibility to care for the animals on the planet however. God has given men their human rights. I believe that man only has these right bestowed upon them. Animals should not be abused by man kind. Animals do not have the power of reasoning, therefore have no human rights.

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