• All workers in the United States deserve a month-long paid vacation.

    All workers in the United States deserve a month-long paid vacation. Workers in some European countries get month-long paid vacations. I believe a month-long paid vacation would increase overall worker productivity and make the working class life a little happier. It would be economically beneficial if the United States adopted a month-long paid vacation policy for all workers.

  • We are not our jobs

    We are human beings, not worker ants, and vacations, especially lengthy ones, should be a right and not some kind of earned privilege only allowed for people who work salaried jobs. It is not the employee's duty to support their company, but it is the company's duty to support their employees.

  • No they dont

    Not everyone necessarily deserves a paid vacation that long. Some jobs are very low paying and some people don't need this paid vacation because they will not be able to go on vacation anywhere. Also, there are some people that have not worked hard for their school lives, and they have not gotten a job that can put them well off. Now, they have to work hard to support their families, and a whole month of paid vacation is just too much for the amount of work that these people put in. And if everyone has one month of a paid vacation, then many companies would lose a large amount of revenue, which in turn, can actually cause the pay check for the employees to go lower.

  • No, all workers do not deserve a month long paid vacation

    The United States became one of the greatest nations on earth because of its ability to work harder, longer, and smarter than every other nation. Other nations have month long paid vacations but they are not on the same societal level as the United States. Some jobs should offer the month long paid vacation, but not every worker deserves a month long paid vacation.

  • No They Do Not

    I do not believe all workers in the United States deserve a month-long paid vacation. There are many workers in this country who can't even obtain a live-able wage, they certainly haven't reached the status where they are insisting on month-long paid vacations. Paid vacations are a luxury that simply are not required.

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