• Yes, Desperately, PLEASE HELP

    Are you kidding me? The war on drugs is a monumental failure to the past 2 almost three generations and on the the American families and the the American Taxpayer. The ENTIRE JUSTICE system makes me truly nauseous. All anyone has to do is look at the staggering statistics on the U.S prison system. We have twice as many OF OUR OWN citizens locked up as China has and they have 1.3 BILLION people that live in their country compared to .3 BILLION U.S POPULATION!!! CHINA HAS 3X the total people and we have 2x the prison population and about 1/2 of the US citizens locked up are NON-VIOLENT OFFENDERS!!!! Please do some further research on this topic and help your fellow American. Mandatory minimums for non-violent crimes can put a young adult away for the rest of their lives for simple possession charges. Drug felony's haunt young adults and prevent them from even having a chance a a life if then manage to get clean. Trust me I am one who is not perfect but I certainly had a incredible amount of potential, I graduated with honors in high school, with both of my parents being Mathematics Professors at the State University, but I aquired a taste for a controlled substance and before I was even able to legally drink alcohol I had two felonies on my record. That's sad to me. Please do what you can for the youth today so that they can be successful and prosperous even if they make some mistakes in life.

  • Yes, including pharmaceuticals.

    American drug laws need to be reformed by legalizing marijuana. If it is not such a taboo drug, it won't be overused, as it is. Also, pharmaceuticals need to be reigned in. I think that drug laws need to be reformed in the sense of not allowing pharmaceuticals to advertise. If a doctor is doing their job, they will know when to suggest a pharmaceutical drug to a patient.

  • Yes, they do

    Yes, I agree that American drug laws need to be reformed. I honestly do not see any harm in legalizing marijuana. Marijuana is easily comparable to alcohol. Yes, it is a hallucinogen and can create a "high," but it cannot kill you. Alcohol is actually much worse, seeing that it is able to kill if too much is ingested. Understanding thing, I think the U.S. really needs to reconsider its drug laws.

  • Yes. desperately so

    We waste so much money fighting against a drug that's the one we should be the least concerned about. It's been years since I've smoked pot and it's unlikely I ever will again, but it still really needs to be if not legalized at least decriminalized everywhere so we don't have third strike offenders rotting in jail for life for having a joint on them.

  • Yes, it should.

    American drug laws have been getting more and more chaotic as time goes on. The best solution at this point would be to go back, look over these laws, and decide once and for all how they want this to be handled. Once they make the decision of what is illegal they need to be firm about it and not waver anymore.

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    When people agree that criminals should serve the consequences of their crime, why do we put the criminals out the easy way instead of punishing them? “Justice for victims who have lost their lives due to crime demands that their perpetrators be

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