• Absolutely we have!!!

    Being American, I get to see the degradation of our society first hand. I'm not a yuppie, I'm an auto worker. I chase an assembly line all night long in a hot plant. So make no mistake, I'm no socialite. One evening I was heading to a bachelor party with friends of my friend (the groom) I wore a pair of nice Nautica dark jeans and a polo shirt with casual boots. Nothing extravagant. As everyone began showing up in T-shirts and shorts with tennis shoes I began to wonder if we were going out or playing basketball. I didn't pay too much attention, they're all in their 20s and I'm in my 30s. But then they began asking my why I got "So dressed up". Which caused my head to tilt as I asked them "You think a polo shirt and jeans are dressed up?" Now as we head toward the rehearsal dinner, they're asking the groom if Khaki's and a polo are "good enough". Good God, do these people take no pride in the way they look? We're all blue-collar workers here, but do we always have to make it a point to look like we're slumming it? If a shirt and tie aren't appropriate for the rehearsal dinner, and a suit is crazy in their eyes, then why are we even bothering with a tux on the wedding day. So when are suits appropriate for these guys....Funerals, weddings, and court dates? Its a sad sad world.

  • Yes, Americans go too far with casual dress.

    Have you ever been to Walmart in the middle of the night? People are way too comfortable with wearing pajamas in public. Don't get me wrong, I hate when people tell me through social norms how I ought to dress or do other things. But pajamas belong in the bed.

  • The casualer the better

    I think American people are wrong to be judging people for the way they dress. A person's appearance should not influence the way they are perceived. Obviously this is not the world we live in, but casual, comfortable clothing is fine. As long as it is not offensive or sexual it's cool.

  • No, we love casual

    I can't think of what would be too far. If you set guidelines for what casual is, issues will be resolved. The last thing you want is some guy in a T-shirt and a pair of sandals at your workplace. If you just nip these things in the bud you solve casual.

  • Americans are not going too far with casual dress.

    At the beach, women and men are basically in their underwear. This is in a public place just like any other public place. That is the standard of dress applicable everywhere. If someone wants to walk around with that same standard in a metropolis, it is no different. Casual dress is dictated by the situation though. If it is inappropriate to dress casually for whatever reason, then this sort of dress would be inappropriate.

  • American people do not go too far with casual dress.

    American people do not go too far with casual dress. I think that Americans dress fine and they seem to be doing alright when it comes to their fashion sense. We do not go around indecently so I think we are doing alright and fine in that standpoint of the world.

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