• Yes, they do.

    Mothers barely get leave to spend time with their children and are forced to hand them to daycares which are understaffed and overworked at too vulnerable and age. Not only that, but fathers need to spend time with their children too. Parents deserve paid family leave regardless of their situation.

  • American workers deserve paid leave

    I wholeheartedly agree that all American workers with full-time benefits should receive paid family leave. Every woman in the full-time workforce should be able to have at least six weeks of paid maternity leave. Families need to be able to take care of emergency situations without losing pay. I think the American workforce is overworked. Most people don't even take all the vacation time they have available. I think it is sad that a mother or father would have to choose between getting paid and taking care of their family. They should be able to do both without risk of losing their job or getting behind in their work. I think we need to be more family focused. In the long-run, I think paid family leave would enhance the workforce. If a parent knows they will be able to take off to care for their family when needed, they are more likely to pursue full-time work.

  • Yes they do.

    Life happens and when it does you need to be with your family when they need you. Businesses should allow their employees sufficient paid leave to attend to their family emergencies. Now that being said employees should not abuse that privilege just because they can. Do what you have to do and then get back to work.

  • Yes, American workers deserve paid family leave.

    American workers deserve paid family leave. Many Americans are hard working employees that create tremendous value for their companies. This hard work and value should be repaid with some well-deserved time off. Furthermore, allowing workers more time off will increase productivity; making many employees even more valuable to their companies. Also, more time off could decrease some employee turnover, because there would be less job burnout.

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