• Yes they need more rest

    Why yes Americans do deserve more holidays and longer vacations each year because Americans are so tired of working and they want to spend more time with their family instead of working everyday ok and yes I think that Americans do serve more holidays and longer vacations each year bye

  • Yes, There should be time off

    There should be time off because employees usually only get 3 weeks off of vacation after they've worked in that job for 5 YEARS. Also, Most employees only get FIVE sick days, And THREE personal days. Do you think that's enough? Especially for HARD WORKING middle class people? No! So, Yes us Americans need more time off periodt.

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  • Yes, this is what we need

    Cause we Americans work to hard and we need a vacations.We work all year and some of get 1 to 2 weeks and that not long. Most of people need vacation because they have Family at home. 1/10 people at each business become a workaholic, and never want to be going out. This is just not right

  • Yes. Time off is important.

    The United States is well behind European countries in vacation time. Employees need time away from work to dedicate to their personal lives, something Americans seem not to believe in anymore. Work is not life. It's no wonder why Americans are so much unhappier on a daily basis. In other countries, family and culture is important. And it should be here too!

  • Yes, We do!

    Happy workers make companies to produced and spent more. Having more holidays and longer vacations boost the economy. Also, let's not forget that people have families and having few off days doen't help. Some people even work on these holidays. Yes, Americans are hard working and because of that we DO need more time off.

  • Depends on the company

    Some companies offer great benefits and plenty of sick and vacation time for their employees. However, America does take the least amount of vacations than any other western nation and they work longer and harder. Taking more breaks to focus on what's important might help our overall health in the country.

  • Yes, time away from work is valuably spent

    I support the practice of employee breaks and vacations for their health - both physically and emotionally. Having a balanced life between work and home/family produces a better workforce, higher retention rates of employees, and ultimately more productive ones. Looking at other countries' practices in this area gives a valuable lesson to us in the US.

  • We are hard working.

    No, Americans do not deserve more holidays and longer vacations each year, because we pride ourselves on being hard working. Business cannot keep their doors open if they have to pay for large amounts of vacation time each year. A person should be able to choose how much they want to work, and what their employer will allow.

  • They do not.

    Americans do not deserve more holidays and longer vacations each year. There are already enough holidays in the United States and many people get way more vacation time then they actally need. If anything, there needs to be a big reduction of the time that American workers can get off.

  • No We Don't

    I do not believe Americans deserve more holidays and longer vacations each year. I believe more Americans have these options available to them they simply can't make money during this time off because no company wants to pay them for time off. I believe more Americans deserve fair pay over a small fraction of Americans getting more time off.

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