Do Americans feel they are unfairly judged based upon appearance?

  • Yes, many do.

    Yes, I think that many Americans feel they are unfairly judged based on their appearance. We live in a country where, it seems, that looks can take you a long way. When you don't have Miss American-type looks in this country, it can make you self-conscious and you may be treated differently.

  • Yes, and they should

    Americans feel as if they are judged on their appearance, and they should, because they are. It is not a fair thing to do, but almost everyone does it, myself included. It is a natural tendency to make first impressions of people based upon how the look, it is just a fact of life.

  • They are very much unfairly judged by appearance.

    I though we were in a time in our lives where we didn't judge people by their dress or skin color, but we are still just as bad as ever. You become a point of interest if you have a foreign name or a darker tanned skin. If you speak with an accent you are looked at suspiciously. It's a shame we have to judge people. That poor 17 year old boy in Boston was targeted because of his skin color...Shameful.

  • Looks and Behaviors Have Consequences

    Feelings are sacred messages from our body person to our spirit person. So when one feels unfairly judged based on appearance, this message is an important piece of information about whether the feeling person's needs are met or unmet. It is way to superficial to say others judge me by my appearance. Coming to adulthood means appreciating and learning from my painful feelings. Learning about my own need for fairness, and respect; my own need for connection and contribution. When I realize these unmet needs a plethora of strategies emerge that I can use to meet my needs in healthy life-enhancing ways. Do your adult work, choose actions to meet your needs so you can experience joyful feelings and grow in the skills of handling painful ones.

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