• Way too often

    Can Americans (I'm an American) stop expecting life not to be offensive? I mean, life itself has issues, and terms like Racism, Sexism, Feminism, PC Master-race ;), Hate, Bigotry, Bigot, Racist, Sexist, Feminist, Little-Kid-Haterist, Nazi's, etc. are used way to often. Labels just make conversation stoppers that in reality mean nothing and do not produce intelligent argument. I understand if someone really is a Racist person, but just calling someone that because you disagree with them is really annoying and gets conversation nowhere. Just me?

  • Yes and they are sue happy too.

    Thanks to our massive legal system of wealthy lawyers, lawmakers and judges, as they welcome the addition of public monies/taxes in order to defend the most minor of offenses, as that is how they "earn" their pay. America is a society that is worse then any forefather of this land could imagine.

  • Life works that way

    Let's say, for example, someone gets offended because a TV show implies women are not as strong as men. First of all, you don't need to make it your personal business. Just change the channel. Second, men are naturally stronger than women because of the way humans and actually most species have evolved. I'm not saying all men are stronger than all women, but it's the norm.

  • People in general get offended too easily

    And it offends me. I don't know what it is but it seems like a good half of the population just wants to find stuff to whine and complain about and get removed from the media or whatever. More and more people are trying too hard to be politically correct and are trying too hard to show how "respectful" they are by talking down to other people who aren't abiding by what they consider "respectful" 100% of the time - even if nobody is being insulted or the context is not in an aggressive or insulting way.

  • You can't please everyone

    Americans get offended over comedy, when comedy is supposed to be that way, it's not meant to be taken seriously. Being politically correct is simply for those who don't speak their minds, people who are too uptight they can't simply look at something and see it for what it really is, what it was intended to be.

  • Absolutely, And they seem to be the happiest when they've got something to be offended about.

    It may be because in the US, Being offended gives them a (in their own minds at least) legitimate reason and carte blanche to behave poorly and direct the mannerisms, Behaviour and thinking of others. Basically it is a form of social policing/thought control where claiming offence means you are suddenly in the right to reprimand and force others to comply under threat of being used, Charged with harassment or blacklisted (or whatever else they will weaponize against a perceived offender).

    Americans are exceedingly good at this tactic, Especially when combined with the kind of eternal victimhood many of them seem to have adopted. If you are always the victim, You can always be offended, And as long as you can remain offended, Others are expected to change who they are in order to accommodate the easily bruised and often absurd feelings of US citizens.

  • Way too much

    As a European living in the USA, I feel like I live in a witch-hunt environment, Where everybody is on the lookout for things that may be offensive, Probably to feel morally superior. It's exhausting. It's coming to a point where you can't joke about anything, Or dress up as anything for Halloween, Etc, Because someone is gonna get offended somewhere.
    Please, Grow up, Get a grip, Relax and eat a cookie.

  • Absolutely and it's pathetic

    I think in the noise of daily life and especially online, people will search for anything they think makes them significant or important. Expressing incredulity and outrage over petty slights in the presence of a cheering mob who praise them for doing so gives them moral authority and a nice dopamine hit. It's intoxicating and actually addictive.

    There's also the schadenfreude of the outrage mob taking someone's public slight and using it to destroy them. The takeaway from this is simple: never apologize. Once you apologize, you're dead, they've got you. If you say something that hurts someone's feelings, that's their problem, not yours. Contrived victimhood is how pathetic weaklings claim power over people. When people start telling them to go piss up a rope, that will change.

  • I made it on CNN!

    Not only do Americans get offended more easily but it has become so easy to make that offense public even on a national scale. How many times do we hear of a random person shooting video of someone's alleged offense, down to the smallest things like someone being asked not to sleep in a college lounge, and it gets posted online and next thing you know 'CBS This Morning' has picked it up? There is no privacy anymore and every slight gets elevated to a national debate. It allows anyone on any given day to hijack our national narrative to the exclusion of other important issues like protecting the environment. Part of it is people's easy access to a wider world through social media and part is likely due to the tense relations between the races, sexes and genders which Trump didn't start but has certainly exploited.

  • As Americans we are too sensitive

    We as Americans now listen to people to reply rather than listen to understand. We are not perfect and some times we say might lose translation depending on where you are from. We all have the same wants in life. That is to be happy. My happiness might be differ from someone else but at the end of the day. We all are Americans and we just need to have more compassion and understanding of one another.

  • Um, hello, a bit stereotypical

    OK lets get this straight, PEOPLE get offended far to easily in general it really depends on the person. We are only human. So to say that Americans get offended way to easily is a not exactly fair as many people get offended easily weather they are from the UK or Iceland. Also you guys realise that American sit-comes are actually like 'FICTIONAL' I mean come on people get offended in TV cause its FUNNY. I mean like REALLY PEOPLE, lets be real here.
    BTW no disrespect

  • Sorry. I support yes

    I actually support the other side, but more people will join this debate if there isn't a 100% to one side. This post only serves to bring forth more debate, and i still need more words to post this so i'll type some more things till ok this is done.

  • Yeah, i don't really know

    It depends on who you ask and what social circles they might be a part of. Some people do. Some people don't. That's just the way that life goes now. In an ever-changing world, there are more and more things that people may, or may not, be LOOKING FOR to be offended by. Don't take my word for it though, I wouldn't want anybody to get offended...

  • Yes And No

    I don't know how the rest of the world is, since I haven't experienced that. However, in the U.S., it seems that sometimes people immediately get offended, which tends to result in attacking the person that they felt offended by. In other cases, people don't seem to care at all. Being on the middle ground between the two apparently has a bad rep that most people don't want to be associated with. For example, a new trend is 'not caring about anything', including one's actions and words, or about others. I feel that this ignorance is just as much of a problem. Middle ground would mean that people could be more open-minded and thoughtful without either immediately dismissing the idea proposed or choosing to fight it with ignorance. In some cases, people should be offended. Still, I don't personally feel that Americans get offended more than anyone else or that the 'I don't care' doesn't balance the 'I'm offended.'

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