Do Americans know their media is censored and bias?

Asked by: madness
  • There is bias everywhere

    Objective journalism is so hard to find that you may not recognize it even if it were right in front of you. Political bias, As it were, Is entrenched deeply in our society and the commercial media is cashing in. Ratings are the prime driver in news reporting and we are all along for the ride.

  • Sadly most Americans are on their i-phones and don't know the difference.

    But anyone with any amount of intellectual honesty can see that the main stream media is leftwardly bias. We heard about Mitt Romney's dog being put on the roof of a car and his binder with the names of women he might potentially hire and were supposed to be appalled. In the meantime Pres. Obama sits in the church of a bigot for 20 years and starts his political career in the home of a domestic terrorist and we hear nothing. Can you say media malpractice?

  • Sadly yes, some of us have noticed it.

    I knew they were bias. Always leaning towards their favorite political party. But I didn't know they used censorship till a few months a ago when my Canadian friend told me about the peaceful over throw of Iceland. (That or it was Greenland..) So yes, I do know that our media sucks.

  • Of course we know that. So we use Google.

    Let me start by pointing out my objection to the generalization made in the title about "Americans". "Americans" don't all believe any one thing, because we are not any single group. This is the melting pot, full of vastly different cultures and deeper subcultures begot of those cultures which are then altered by yet more cultures as people from all over the world keep coming here and bringing a piece of their native land with them. This country is not like other places in one very specific way, and that way is this; when you go to Vietnam, you find Vietnamese, but when you come here, you don't find "Americans" you find literally everybody. We have everyone from French to Chinese and Norwegian to South African. So when you ask this question, you must dispel this idea in your mind that an "American" can be described, defined, or categorized.
    I point this out about American people in order to explain this; a PERSON(American or otherwise) is going to believe what they want to believe even and especially if there is evidence to the contrary. This is a basic psychological fact about human beings. People watch the news media, both here and elsewhere, already having an idea in their head about how the world is. When they watch FOX News(conservative), and the Fox news people show them evidence that contradicts their beliefs, they change the channel and watch Rachel Maddow(Liberal). This is done everywhere you go, by all people, when media is free to say what they want.
    So I suppose I mean to say that whether the media is censored or not, whether it is biased or not, it couldn't make the least bit of difference because when we don't hear what we want to hear, we'll go find the answer we want somewhere else. All hail the internet.

  • Of course it is.

    You will not be told the whole story any time, just the parts that make it the most interesting. The news is just like any other show, the more people they get to watch means the more they can charge for commercials in the future. Same would be true for print media. The more popular it is, the more they can charge for ad space.

  • I certainly do

    Look at all these hoaxes like sandy hook and you tell me. Why don't they tell us certain things but only what they want us to hear? There's a lot going on that isn't presented to us. We have a right to see what our country is doing here in the u.S and in other countries as well.

  • Perhaps they know and don't care.

    All American's say their media is bias one way or the other. I suppose if somewhere out there exists a truth we'll find that there is no bias everyone is just wrong. But as for truth and unbiased media I don't know. If existence precedes essence then I suppose media helps create an essence. I don't know that media has anything to be biased about. I do think people are aware that media is biased for or against their essence.

  • Not exactly right

    It may definitely be biased like Fox or MSNBC. Conversely, NPR or PBS are both neutral. Censorship is most definitely not a thing, many things do not make for good news or they are just boring. We know the bias but I do not believe censorship exists, especially in the context of the thumbnail.

  • If you're suggesting the censorship is malicious , no.

    Obviously there is bias in American media sources. We have our far right media machine (fox) our far left really weak media machine (msnbc) and lots of really crappy media in between. I think that it's natural to have some bias in tv news, but if you look at some more reputable sources or compare sources it's pretty easy to see through it. As for censorship, obviously some information is not good news for someone or something and that someone or something may try to keep information from being published, but generally speaking I think that the problem isnt that the media companies are being forced to censor things; the problem seems to be that most Americans dont care to be informed about important information so it never shows up in the mainstream media. It's not so much censorship for the sake of deceiving the people as the people prioritizing the wrong information. Or maybe I've missed out on some big conspiracy.

  • Conspiracy nonsense once again, huh

    Listen when it comes to the bad things Americans can do, it comes from regular people. Rich people aren't the only ones who can't be racist. It takes cojones to be racist. Most regular Americans are capable of being racist. Secret religious societies are evil though, and those are what worry me.

  • As far as I know

    I personally dont think many Americans know, but I could be wrong. Sucjs that this has to be so long seeing as its a simple yes or no poll, eh well I guess I just gotta write a load of rubbishim British so I get an outside stand point ...

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