• I do think Americans lead the world in energy use.

    Americans use energy more than any other country in my opinion. It is truly sad because we have the technology and the means to make this not the case. We need to be utilizing the sun, and wind energy fields more for our heavy use not just being the sponge of the world.

  • We are in the top

    We may not be the most energy consumption country simply because China has a lot more population than us, but as a percentage I am sure we are the top. We waste energy simply because we can which causes us to consume a lot. Personally I leave lights on all the time. we should be better.

  • We like our trucks.

    Yes, Americans lead the world in energy consumption, because data has shown that Americans use far more energy on a per capita basis than anyone else in the world. Everything in America is big. Our houses are large, we all drive cars or trucks, and we like electricity. This is a sign of prosperity. It is true that we use the most, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.

  • Americans are not the world leaders in energy consumption

    For decades, Americans did lead the world in energy consumption. But that has changed in the recent years. Improvements in all sorts of household equipment and more fuel efficient cars, have made Americans more energy efficient and consume less. Today, China has surpassed America as the world leader in energy consumption.

  • For Once It Isn't Us

    I do not believe America leads the world in energy consumption. For once, it's not us! Asia and the Oceanic areas surpassed the use of all energy forms of the United States in the early 2000's. North America (all of it) is in second place. This accounts for all energy sources, renewable and non-renewable.

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