• Yes, and that's fine.

    The United States is a multicultural society, and I believe that most of us are proud of that. Most Americans came from other parts of the world, and we celebrate our differences in heritage, especially when it comes to food. Over time, American versions of foreign foods have evolved and perhaps become slightly different from the original.

  • Very much so.

    Americans will believe anything. If you say something is Chinese or Italian or any other food from another country Americans will eat it up. But truth be told most of the so called foreign food Americans consume is Americanized, most specifically Chinese, Italian, and Mexican food. When you go these countries the food is entirely different but they do adhere to American sensibilities when American tourists are there to appease their naivete.

  • Yes, Americans always add their own touch to foreign foods.

    Not only in the U.S. but also throughout the Caribbean Islands and South America, you can find wonderful fusions of foods from all over the world. In South Florida, at one meal you can have roti from India via the West Indian culture, spaghetti noodles that came from China and hit Italy before making their way to America, and Jamaican peppers. We are a melting pot after all.

  • Yes, Americans like to make their own version of foreign food

    Yes, I do believe that Americans like to make their own version of foreign food. There are big cities all over the country that offer their version of typical dishes. These fusion plates are a big hit, and are sought after by foodies all over looking for a unique meal.

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