• We Create Our Own

    Hollywood, Washington DC, Kardashians, Kennedys, Ah-nold, the Clintons...We don't just create 1 royal family. ...We create multiple royals and we see them exactly as we wish to see them. We would never say these people are our own version of royalty but they are in a very uniquely American way....They were not born to it...The BECAME it. They supply the ambition...We supply the attention. These are the only kind of royals Americans would accept...Those of our own choosing.

  • Yes, some Americans like royalty.

    Some Americans are very fascinated by the English royalty, especially. I think it's because of the celebrity attached, and how every little girl wishes to grow up to be a princess. So some people are very fascinated by them, especially the late Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton. Personally, I'm not interested in news about the royal family, but I can understand why some people like the fairytale of it all.

  • Yes, many do.

    I do not think we want our government to be run like that of England, but we are sort of intrigued by the royal family of that country. Maybe it is because our roots are there and we broke away from them but still retained some attraction or maybe it's just the fairy tale nature of the pomp and circumstance.

  • Yes, because we don't have it.

    Perhaps it is a hold over from our time as a set of colonies of England, or perhaps it is because we have no official royalty, but we are intrigued with the British royal family and we also tend to make informal royalty out of certain families such as the Kennedy's and now some celebrities.

  • No, or we would have some.

    No, Americans do not love royalty, because if we really loved royalty, we would have some. Americans like the royalty of other countries, and we love to follow them. But American does not want our own. To have American royalty goes against the principles of what America stands for, where we are all created equal.

  • Europeans Love Royalty, Americans Love Reality TV

    Europeans are more obsessed with royalty than Americans. Americans love reality television with the Kardashian and Robertson (Duck Dynasty) clans. We don't like elitists, we like regular people who could be our next door neighbors. We want to see the opportunities given to Joe or Jane next door who can get rich by having their own show when they aren't Brad or J-Law.

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