• Legal Gun Ownership is Required to Protect Family and Property Against Those That Use Illegal Guns

    Legal gun ownership is required to protect family and property against those that would use illegal guns to threaten, rob and kill. Unfortunately, that includes the dangerous government who believes it is their right to kill worldwide without giving those victims the right to any form of justice.
    Switzerland is a great example of a country with little gun violence. There, the government issues weapons to households. The UK has some of the touchiest gun laws worldwide. The result? Criminals now have the guns and innocent people cannot protect themselves. Early last year there were riots where even the police stood back and left innocent citizens see their properties burned to the ground after massive looting.

  • A last line of defense

    There are those who say that owning guns to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government is useless, because the modern American Military is so powerful. While the military is powerful, it is not indestructible. Remember when 13 little colonies banded together to defeat the most powerful empire in the world? The same situation could happen in modern times. Look at how many new taxes and price increases are being introduced. Could another revolution be in the works?
    Also, guns provide a means by which to level the playing field. A 130 pound unarmed woman doesn't stand a chance against two 200 pound men, but one who has been trained to use a firearm may be able to intimidate her attackers and create the space needed to escape. Notice how drawing a weapon does not necessarily lead to killing. In conclusion, guns are tools that allow their users to defend themselves against harm and oppression. Without some tool that provides stopping power, intimidation, and a way to put distance between yourself and a threat, the law abiding American citizens are at the mercy of criminals and government alike.

  • Nature is not liberal

    In America we have a choice. To arm ourselves or not. We have the right to be pro gun or anti-gun. If one doesn't want to arm them self, don't. But to take away one's right to arm themselves is to take away their sense of true freedom. To better understand the gun is to better understand history. The gun built America and it also saved Europe. I live in a very progressive U.S. State and understand American history. I am not an extremist and do not agree with a lot of the philosophies of the far right, or left. But you liberals out there need to get over your smug selves and understand that even you would want a gun when confronted with an unexpected very violent situation. This world is and will always remain an unpredictable, dangerous, and violent world! Good luck.

  • Get a life.

    The founding fathers knew this kind of debate would eventually happen, that's why they put the second amendment in the constitution. Anti gunners can whine and cry all they want, their arguments have been weighed, measured and have been found wanting. Guns will always be with us, the question is do you want law abiding citizens to own them, or just the criminals? You pick.

  • It's our right

    This shouldn't even be debated its obvious. We need guns to protect out families our property. If someone comes into your house illegally and you don't have a weapon what are you going to do hit him with a pillow you need weapons to maintain a safe city. Places where they have banned guns crime rates soar

  • One cannot reason with evil.

    You can flee from evil or you can kill it.
    Evil is not overcome by fleeing.
    If evils chooses to exert an influence on the unwilling, then it surely deserves to die.
    If evils attempts to tear away my happiness, my choice, my right to life...Then surely it is not a necessary evil among the living.
    Only man has a true talent for evil. True, some few animals may have the capacity, but not the spirit inherent only in man.
    And Government are made up of men. (and women) Fallible, faulty, and certainly capable of evil to their fellow man.
    Only those that have fooled themselves with emotion and/or illogical reasoning can dispute this.

  • Americans should have guns, for protecting and recreation

    All of the people defending to ban guns seem to be british. And america is not england. If we outlawed guns all the outlaws would have them and there would be a bigger black market for them. So we should keep gun for protection and to keep people safe. Also most school shooting are from people with mental disorders.

  • The Second Amendment was put in place for a Reason

    Our founding fathers staunchly believed that arming the common people and not just the military would make the United States the most difficult country to invade. This is now a reality, if foreign ground forces were to invade the United States they wouldn't just have to answer to the greatest military on the planet, but to a well armed populous that won't give up without a fight. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Small weapons technology is intertwined with the culture of all people, taking away firearms from law abiding citizens will only make it much easier for non-law abiding citizens to wreak havoc across civilization with guns and will lessen the defense capability of the United States of America.

  • If we take away guns because of the 'bad guys' then what is going to happen to the 'good guys'?

    A lot of people seem to think that if Americans get rid of the Second Amendment then all of our gun problems will be solved, but in reality there are still gangs, mafias, etc., that will still own guns. They'll just own them illegally. Criminals don't obey the law. There's no reason to expect that if no one is allowed to have guns because of the law then surly mobsters and the likes will obey that law! No one is seeming to recognize this small point.

  • Banning guns won't do crap.

    Ok anti-gunners look at this logically. If you ban guns criminals willl still get guns. Look at the underground drug trade. Drugs are illegal but people still get them left and right. Not to mention that there are also underground ghost gun trades (A ghost gun is a illegal unregistered firearm that is commonly sold to criminals who want a untraceable gun) that will dominate the black market if this ban does happen. So now you will have less good people with guns and more bad people with now untraceable guns. Guns also save millions of people from injuries and death each year, and I saw somewhere else on this website that something around 218 cases of guns saving people each year but guns kill many more. The thing is that in some gun death numbers they use suicides too. Suicides should not count because eventhough they are gun related those people killed themselves and even without guns they probably would have done so anyway. Also for the unrealistically low number that guns save every year the actually save upwards of 1 million people a year. Only a small number of people actually report these and that low number is the reported cases. So while guns are designed to kill they can an do save people, and they do so in much greater volume.

  • Guns and paranoia

    Gun owners frequently state that they own guns for protection, even though the guns in their homes impose a much greater risk to their lives than an intruder (CDC). They also state they need guns to protect themselves from the government. There is absolutely no evidence that President Obama is a tyrant. Our govt is set up in such a way, as to make tyranny very difficult to accomplish, let alone sustain. Other reasons for guns include: hunting and target shooting. Food production in the US is quite complex and capable of providing all types of foods to all parts of the country. And, if someone is too poor to buy food to eat, they are too poor to buy ammo and weapons. They should rely on services in their areas to obtain food assistance.Target shooting can be accomplished with non-lethal projectiles shot from guns made specifically for non-lethal shooting.

    There is a pervasive paranoia that has gripped the segment of the US that resists all gun restrictions, even when in the country's best interests. For example, the writers to the appropriation bill that passed this month restricts ATF from tracking stolen weapons. The ATF cannot stop terrorists from buying guns, because by NRA endorsed law, it cannot compare gun sales to the terrorist watch list. Gun owners by virtue of their gun related purchases, their memberships in gun clubs,their memberships in the NRA and their votes for pro-gun Congressmen/women, support the rights of criminals and terrorists to access weapons. This seems illogical and anti-society. It jeopardizes their safety, the safety of their families as well as their neighbors.

    We know through medical studies that conservative people skew toward a more paranoid mentality and this might help explain why guns owners are more often conservative than liberal. While paranoia doesn't explain everything, it does explain a lot. It would explain why people would consistently support gun measures that are against their best interests.

  • They do not need them, they are just for killing.

    A common argument is, fire kills too, do you want to outlaw matches? A match is created for warmth, in the wrong hands it is deadly. A gun is created for one thing, not to protect, not to deter, but to KILL. That is their only purpose and they are dangerous killing machines that should be banned or at least controlled. There are banks in America where if you open an account you get a free gun. Somebody could walk in, take the free gun and just kill everybody in sight.

  • Not really!

    No, Americans do not need guns. All they have shown is how irresponsible that they are with gun ownership. They have not shown that they can be responsible. In order for a person to get a gun one should have to go through numerous checks and boundaries. One would have to get a psychological evaluation done first and foremost of everyone in that household. Second thing that needs to be done is that a psychological work up of every person in that household of a six month minimum of seeing how that each individual member of the family reacts to stressful situations, and to see if they are stable enough to have one in general in order to get the permit. This way a psychologist can see how the person reacts to stressful situations, Thirdly, Make sure that if they do possess a firearm and it does get into the wrong hands there must be an insurance taken out on each and every weapon that person owns, so that if a mass killing spree occurs again that the families that are victims have a way of being covered for the burials of their loved ones and that it would make sure that the gun owner is held responsible for their weapon. Maybe then the guns wouldn't end up in the wrong hands as much. These are called safeguards, so that we don't have as many massacres going on. So that no more children will be killed due to the mental health issues that are occurring in America today. This wouldn't prevent it but it would cut down on a lot of the homicides, murders that are occurring in American society today.

  • Things have changed,

    America used to be a very different. The only guns we used to have were one shot muskets that were not killing machines. Also we used to have great need for guns, to defend ourselves to hunt, America used to be a new frontier were we had to defend our selves. The founders did not have in mind arming any with the money with weapons that could kill hundreds of people in minutes.

  • Columbine as an example

    Haven't you seen the stories like Columbine, where people go into a school or important building and just kill people. Put it together with all the violent games like Call of Duty and America is a seriously dangerous place to live. Guns should go, Britain doesn't have them and we are a lot safer (except for gangs and people).

  • As an American I do not believe we need guns

    I have talked to many gun owners and the answer I get from most people about guns are two fold. Either they are afraid the government is going come get them or some crazy criminal is going to come break into their house and kill them. Yes that may be slightly exaggerated but it essence is true. I however do not feel important enough that the government is going to come knocking down my door to arrest me for some fabricated or non fabricated crime. I also know that the probability of some crazy criminal breaking into my house and killing me is lower than some people want you to believe. From what I have seen the need for a gun appears to be race driven here in the U.S. For the most part. Both rich and under educated white people are afraid that the Black, Hispanic or other race man is going come hurt their family and steal their stuff. All other weapons have huge restrictions on them here in the U.S. Guns are pretty much non touch when you get right down to it. So I don;t feel we need guns at all really. Sure if your going to hunt get a gin, if you just want one to feel safer, perhaps you should look at what your afraid of and educate your self on it before you buy something that can kill you and your family because your afraid.

  • They Kill People!

    'Guns don't kill people, people kill people.'
    But what do people use to kill others? Telepathic powers? Unlikely. Unlike other animals, humans need a weapon of some sort to actually kill others. Yes, people can harm others with their bare hands but they need a weapon of some sort to cause as much damage as they do. Guns, along with many other things, are weapons. They are created to cause harm. They are being used to cause harm, to kill. And there's so many around, its hard for there to be no deaths.

  • Guns were created to kill

    Guns are designed to kill people. Killing people is bad. Therefore, I see no reason for anyone to own a gun.

    Statistics have shown that guns do not usually provide safety for the owner. Their children are far more likely to accidentally pull the trigger than they are to prevent a murder or a robbery. The only case for owning a gun I can see would if a person worked an extremely dangerous job; and if that were the case, I would hope that they wouldn't need an automatic weapon. A simple pistol should be good enough for them. The United States' statistics on gun deaths are astronomical compared to places like Japan and the UK, where most guns are banned. If we can save even a hundred people's lives through banning guns, we should.

  • We have better things to do.

    Living in fear is not how we want to live. Guns provide people with a false sense of safety. Nothing good comes from them. It's true that guns do not kill people, but rather people do, however, place that gun in a person's hand that is not fully mentally there, and we have trouble. If the recent events in the US don't dictate the banning of guns, I do not know what will.
    Any way, arms of mass destruction are the same right? A way to persuade for peace. As long as they don't use it they should also have the right to keep arms. So let's allow the Iranians and North Koreans to have as many arms as they want. It's the same logic.

  • NO

    Americans do not need guns. Guns provide people with a false sense of safety. Nothing good comes from them. Its true that guns do not kill people, but rather people do, however, place that gun in a person's hand that is not fully mentally there, and we have trouble. If the recent events in the US don't dictate the banning of guns, i do not know what will.

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