• Yes they do

    Perhaps it could be a way to better the health of Americans by giving them longer vacations. It would give people more time to enjoy life by providing them more time to relax and to forget about their work life for awhile. The better their vacation is, the better their mental health could be.

  • Yes, because a week is too short.

    Yes, Americans need longer vacations. In most families, the Dad works long hours and leaves the home repairs and improvements until he has vacation time. By then the whole family is ready to get away for a short vacation. By the time Dad finishes all the repairs, half of his week is gone and the family is left with about four days for their vacation.

  • Yes. Many Americans are overworked and there is more to life than work.

    Americans do need longer vacations. Most other countries have many more vacation days than us and their economies haven't collapsed. Even the President of the United States takes more vacations than most average Americans. People's stress level, quality of life and possibly even their productivity would increase if they took a little more time to relax.

  • Yes, they definitely do.

    America requires employers to offer very little vacation time, if any. When compared to other western countries, America falls very far behind when it comes to how much time off workers get. This causes American workers to be very overworked and stressed out. If they had more time off, they would get to recharge and would then do better work.

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