• Permanent Dieting Will Help Obesity

    By going on a permanent diet, you are changing your lifestyle but are still on a diet. This means that you can diet while lowering your risk of obesity. Therefore, dieting will stop obesity by virtue of calorie control and other ways to manage and control people's unhealthy eating habits.

  • Yes, Americans need a permanent diet.

    Portion and calorie control are in dire need in the United States. America is becoming fatter and fatter. This is due to Americans basically eating whatever they want and as much of it as they want. This is both unhealthy and wasteful. America needs a diet program that emphasizes healthy eating and combats obesity.

  • Dieting Won't Stop Obesity

    Americans don't need to diet. They need to permanently change their eating habits and lifestyle. Dieting implies a temporary reduction in the amount of food intake.Most Americans eat far too much throughout their lives. That is why there is a huge obesity epidemic and so much heart disetesase and diabetes in this country.

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